Blade & Soul – Lyn Bladedancer Gameplay

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Deleted my Kung Fu Master due to high ping. Created Lyn Bladedancer to see how is it like. Now I know why so many players love Lyn Bladedancer. I really love it, its fast and awesome.

Played through the first 20 levels within an hour or so. Hope you all like a preview of it. Will load more of its gameplay. 🙂


Yamyatos says:

+Ashley Ng
Music at the beginning plss~

ronnie parker says:

best class iv seen and iv seen them all in game-play well now i know what class to start the Na beta with. thanks Ashley Na your video was great.^_^

Greg Ouellette says:

Is there anything that shows what level you are and what level the mobs are? Nevermind I saw it. No challenge.

51953bdog says:

Thank you for the video. Cant wait to make a Lyn :D

Stefan Adam Fadilla says:

how much is your ping?

Evil Pikachu says:

But this is sword master. Warlock is a blade dancer

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