Bob Dylan – Visions of Johanna (RARE STUDIO OUTTAKES 1966)

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This is one of the most insightful outtake collections I’ve uploaded. You can really hear the evolution of this track, as Dylan tries over and over again to find the right sound. Since he couldn’t find what he was looking for the first time around, Dylan abandoned “Visions” for almost three months! The last take (Take 1) was recorded right before the master take. Below is a brief tracklist with dates.

0:00-2:50 – Take 3 (11/30/1965) Rehearsal [FAST VERSION]
2:50-4:44 – Take 6 (11/30/1965) Rehearsal [FAST VERSION]
4:44-7:00 – Takes 9–12 (11/30/1965) [FAST VERSION]
7:00-7:25 – Take 1 (2/14/1966) False Start [SLOW VERSION]

Enjoy this gem while you can!


Joseph says:

A full NYC Blonde on Blonde would have been as awesome as the Nashville one.

Rich Broz says:

This answers the question: the lyrics come first and then the music.

Jackson Betz says:

I think he was finding he couldn't really work with the Band that much in the studio – all the tracks he recorded with them (this, One of Us Must Know, She's Your Lover Now) suffered from this lack of direction. That said, it's really fascinating to hear him trying really hard to make this idea work!!

Johnny Guitar says:

RIP dylan,,,, 19?? – 2019 :((

Leocadia333 says:

Who in their right mind would be so churlish as to give this a thumbs down? Geez Louise.

Izaak Binet says:

Are there any complete takes of the slowed down version (like the one at 5:35)?


Excellent sound! ALL the kids of the Band are alright! I am very glad to hear this studio version! Hello kids wherever you are!!!!!

Chance Bryant says:

“more cowbell”

Britt Beck says:

I’ve to say, this was a pleasure to listen to. Came as a big surprise. It’s a great song, have always loved it. Here we are taken to the heart of making the best version. Bob’s voice is so smooth and tender. ❤️

entwood says:

So glad he kept saying "No, no it's not working".
They all got to the vision he was seeking eventually.

Daniel Sevell says:

The master at work!!

Nicola Fisher says:

Morning coffee in my garden. Black Birds fly
Parakeets gaze across the Blue and white Hydrangias Sun falls gold and green trees full leaf beneath the sleeping firebugs dreaming. Crumbs of fireworks fallen Hallo track from Dylan and thank you Swinging Pig (5 July 2019)

Mator 233 says:

Amazing outtakes, thanks Swingin !!

tenniscollector says:

Good one SP.

David Wales says:

Thanks SP, great to hear the maestro at work! I have a dream that Dylan would play this song sometime soon with the Nightingale's Code line in it. We can but wish.

Klaus Toth says:

aaah !!! the sweet shivers when bob starts singing. bob's very greatest poem song. lennon must have been green with envy listening to this…. lennon – whom i LOVE to the sweetest – writes high school lyrics compared to bob's nobel prize poetry ( sorry john 🙂

d. Walsh says:

Where'd the hell that dang harpsichord come from. Lol
Is that Richard Manuel ?

targarosko says:

phenomenal …… it's my fav Bobby song ….. great thanks Swingin"Pig ♥♥♥

John Wesley Harding says:

This is awesome! I think I actually prefer Take 3 to the album version! Also, speaking of Visions of Johanna, do you know where the 1966 live video of the track that you posted was filmed?

BoxierAcorn844 says:

Now where are the early takes of tambourine man where Bob gets pissed at the tambourine a bunch then eventually removes it.

Matt Hibbard says:

More cowbell!

im annonymous says:

history in the making such a cool insight

Hayden Andrew Jackson says:

Thank you to the uploader!

BoxierAcorn844 says:

Maybe the greatest song of all time. When of the few songs where the studio master take nails it perfectly.

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