Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man [Official Video]

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Directed by Cameron Duddy & Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man
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Grizzlyx8 says:

2059 ??? Dam I think this song like 100 years old . But uh wat is that on 349

Chris Brandon says:

4 years and 7 months later… all those times I said I wouldn't make it. Here I am kiddo.

Mark Vincent Hilario-Cafe says:

grabe ba! sagad sagad ba! IDOL!

Wahyudi Anggriyanto says:

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Leslie Tercero Simon says:

This song made me so emotional

Alblack Einstein says:

Homão da poha…
Musicão da poha…

Tianna Finn says:

who else is watching this in 2017???

Dancehall Prime says:

September 1st, 2:33 am here, i am up late as hell listing to my top 10 saddest songs

Jose Santos says:

When vez el anunció de iPhone desde tu huawei :v

Jadyn Smith says:

Me: I'm not gonna sing this time

music starts

Me: same bed, but it feels a little bit bigger now!!!!

xXCaptain SnipzXx says:

Anyone yoday in september

Deasha Beyale says:

this song never gets old love u bruno

Daniel Perez says:

This song kill me

Patty Johnson says:

I love this song. It will take a moment to thank all of you.

Nancy Melendez says:

Well I'm gonna try to say a funny story so here we go:
So I was in the car with my mom and my brother and he just had a break up so he was like put Bruno mars 24k and I was like okay so I put this song and he was like you got to be kidding me right and my mom was like it's cause of the girl huh and my brother was like no it's not and my mom was like ahh it is so stop lying and I was in the back trying not to laugh cause my mom is Latina and if you have a mom that's Latina you know how they can be like pushy for the answer so ya

Emil Laursen says:

Ma man! i treat her with respect

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