[B&S] Is Blade and Soul Worth Playing

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Shiro says:

Where to get the outfit ?

Sylvex Dragonskin says:

Several months? Damn

ApachePorcupine says:

Great video. Really glad I clicked on this video over the others. Quick, clear, and helpful!

Da Swow says:

wanting to join again but i have a concern, have they nerfed the gold income from dailies and all of that whithing the last 4 months? cause i rememberd leaving it just after a nerf

Tony J. says:

Blade and Soul isn't worth playing right now solely just because the population is basically dead. All the high gear players have been selling their accounts for the past 2 years, ever since the celestial raid came out.

Megaphy says:

My main problem is that the grind is so heavy that you can't even make time for playing other classes. I have been stuck playing Blade Master for 2 years and was never able to catch up to the top geared people in my clan. I quit after I no longer felt like I have freedom in this game or that I was enjoying my class.

Mr Hexadus says:

lets be honest here… once you hit the wall.. if you don't have friends and a group you roll with… may as well put the game down and find something else.. unless.. you feel like throwing 200$ at the game boost you to max with notable gear.

Michael Gray says:

Just started playing it and absolutely love it.

Really love the kung-fu story too.

AAA mmo. Really love the movement, animations, characters and story.

Ty for the vid

Can’t wait to buy my first costume

ChizuAmori says:

"Want fast progress" Thats why you hard to find a normal party who not just want burst, and if it is not work, just quit cuz they are to fancy to do the mech, or just to stupid for it, not really sure…xDDD

Ale Ghinda says:

I agree, it is fun to play, but the optimization is killing the game.

Biaka Khupchawng says:

It is not worth playing unless you are ready to spent some cash. If you wanna just play through the story maybe, the end game content will burn a hole in your wallet. They still didn't even fix the ping issue. I have played this game from 2013 and you know what someone from Europe start playing in january 2019 spend like 1500 dollars and phew he is beyond my reach unless i am willing to spend that much money. Final Verdict is that it is not new player friendly and most of all its pay to win. Time wont reward you in this game money will.

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