Burning – Asheron's Call Darktide PvP

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Video from like ~06, my cast was awful.


saahii myworld says:


laice says:

this video would be a lot better without your terrible music

Sinever says:

RIP oldschool UI.

Les Jardins de Lumière says:

Wow I don't know how I landed here, but damn. It's quite a reflection upon the society we live in.. especially when I'm pretty positive that the years playing this game were probably the most exciting times of my life? Even more so than spending time with a beautiful girlfriend? Or running my small business? What's wrong with me? lol… Damn it was so f** awesome.

Ricky Mindanao says:

blood lol..  I was in JoV when i played.. blood was always the biggest noobs on the server

PsyintZ says:

No offense intended, but this video kinda sucks, bud. Not only is the intro terrible, but everybody you fight is lower level than you and awful at PVP. The one fight that was fairly interesting, you cut out before you even kill him, which obviously leads us to believe you didn't even win the fight. Hopefully you've got better videos coming? You don't seem too bad, but this video certainly doesn't do you any justice.

When you make a PVP video, you should be showcasing things that are somewhat impressive and/or entertaining. Whether it be killing people higher level than you, showing some great casting skills, or perhaps even killing a person that somebody has even heard of.. How about coming back from a deficit, even? The one tough fight you had, you were balls deep in the dirt and lucked out at 1hp. You should have died, in which case it most definitely wouldn't have made the video anyway. 

Not trying to take away from your "skills," but nobody wants to watch somebody beat up on noobs.

nhwtfman says:

I miss this game so damn much.  Shame it's not populated like it was back in 1999-2004.

Chris Rudd says:

Wow ur not that good. Ill be back when ac goes free ta play

R3kt says:

RIP The Burning Legion.. i played him for a little while to bad he got perma banned 🙁

undervenued says:

I miss this game so very much

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