Cabal 2 Gameplay Desertfort Warrior lvl 30

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muckel says:

this fu#!ing game do not even let me in it says dat i disconnect every time when i try to get into a server

alan roig says:

BORING, boring, boring, stupid, ridiculous game….

Pineapple Pawnch says:

Eh generic spinning warrior….

Andrei Gherghelau says:

it's so AION .. fuck this shit where is the combo

Norain .Sy says:

How did you use your stat points? You get 3 each level right? On what did you spend them on? :)

rawW3D says:

My PC isnt strong at all: AK86k Quadcore 4.Ghz CPU Nvidia 6500 GTX 2GB and 8GB RAM

oughchim ayoub says:

looks beautiful , what's your pc config ?

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