Cabal Europe Bonus WAR 07.07.2018

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Cabal Europe Bonus WAR 07.07.2018
Server: Mercury
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Ralph Dominic Villalobos says:

This Damage is insane. as a WA myself, this is just inspiring.

Ayunaki lowborn says:

Nice.. the strongest wa showcase I've seen so far on YouTube was from cabal ph,, just sharing hehehe

Eddie Hall says:

Is there really this many in tg wars now days in CABAL EU ?

FederalCity FB says:


Wall KK98 says:

Please more..

James Nkw says:

looks so dead, merge with NA soon!

Amnesyz says:

I saw in group chat that you need some FB‘s – take some from Jupiter, Capella side here are mainly 90% FB‘s ^^‘

AQW Joseph says:

I have a question. Can you take the bringer title?

Jmi Grudo says:

34:15 – may you give me the soundtrack and nice war ^^ / if is some playlist send me the whole playlist ty <3

bruce wauran says:

wow….that damage though…wish my WA be like yours 🙂

Scotchy says:

nice upload was a great war 🙂

Godetsu says:

which server is it? mercury, mars jupiter?

showbrew says:

Давно не играл, удивился, что довольно таки много топов перешло за процев.

Aivander Genesila says:

His damage isnt normal haha every hit looks like hes on bloody

GoleDePepsiCOBR says:

Yeahhhhhh fucked warrior

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