Cabal Gameplay | This Game Has So Many Bugs!

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How does the original Cabal hold up against Cabal 2?

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Outro: Rameses B – Beside You (feat. Soundr)


Grim says:

Ik this comment is late.. but you do have control over your character xD it was working off a cooldown system. You can turn auto attack off. Also only certain potions are auto-use (MP potions are auto use because MP is in such high necessity.. kind of a fail safe system) which can be very much needed in the late game scenarios as potions become an absolute necessity. This game is actually really fun for running dungeons around lvl 50 (takes literally 30 minutes to get to) but the PvP nowadays is way too high scale and it's become P2W with gear as an absolute necessity.. RIP Cabal you were once great ;~;/

Bon Jordan says:

Were still palying this game with my friends its so fun bcoz you feel like you are your character in a rpg world with your friends raiding dungeons farming money and items . im a force shielder lvl 170 here in PH server and still enjoying it since 2008 when i was in 4th grade that time and now im 3rd year college ahah still fun to play

Gradoe darius says:

make more cabal online videos of Cabal North AMerica!!!!

Vitor Costa says:

Still the number one game. 🙂

Jack Frost says:

This and ran online are the best mmorpg ever!

Maximiliano Montiel says:

i play whit a crappy PC whit all the low settings, and i never crash and had so many problem as you guys xD
and yeah FUCK THOSE BOTS. i pk those ass as much as i can(3-4 time or they send me to jail for 3 hours. Literally you do 5 Pk and get send to jail and cant get out for 3 hours if i remember well)
PD: love the new character Force gunner you shoud try it xD

John Marvin Bautista says:

In cabal ph there is no auto bot that doing auto quest they removed it after 1 week of server maintenance just to remove all bugs in cabal

KuraiKage says:


Eric Moretti says:

those bots are ruining this game… Its really a nice game, but the bots…

adfas fadsfas says:

Don't control character, autopotion ? What you saying .. if you dont like auto attack you can turn it off, in cabal is no auto potion such a think like that . So much lie in your words and this video. And its really sad that you reach 9 lvl from 200 in this game and you rating it … G-G

SabakiTetsu says:

If you need help being power leveled or getting setup better let me know. I can help alittle 😀

PlushieWolf says:

I played this game for 9 years. You missed the alphabisco chakrams that he drops, and you missed putting on your nippertica rings, there is also a boss rabithorn who drops armor for you as well. it took you ages to kill the zombie maids because you were using your training weapons. you also have complete control over your attacks, there is an option in the game menu that allows you to turn auto attack off. as for auto potting, it only does that for mana so you dont have to worry about using them and instead focus on using your HP potions.

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