Cabal Online Force Blader PvP 2016 V.1

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Cabal Online 192/193 Force Blader PvP V.1
Songs :
#1 – Devour the Day – You and Not Me
#2 – The Birthday Massacre – Red Stars
I don’t own songs used in video!


Davide Jolly says:

Geez how this game has changed since i was playing o.O i remember 2500HP on fb was OP at my time … and 2000crit on compl was like the top XD

大老师 says:

this fb is malaysian?cos he said cb when he breaked combo,haha

freed kamil says:

elo jest mozliwosc zebys nagral swoje eq jakie masz

Ric Eduard Lisay says:

He just picks FB, WI, BL and GL….all low def and HP classes….I didn't see him fighting WA and FS….Not so impressed.

Rick Dagondon says:

what cabal is this

Magnum Cavalcante says:

nem GA nem GU.

Cuong Nguyen says:

This game is shit, all u have to do is to spam and spam spam spam the damn skill keys

Clien Gates says:

why u guys dont use all your buffs???

Clien Gates says:

and resist bike

Clien Gates says:

probably his pet is full reisst crit

Cyclonos says:

good job dude

Jiggy Taurus Pepper Silver says:

I played that game like 4 year ago… if I come will I be able to play it with my old account>? xD

Kevin Anthony Tolang says:

Even lvl 200 can't beat this guy! Nice fight man keep it up

Nenad Zivkovic says:

Can you find out what gear that WI at the end is using ? He took some dmg, and dealt a lot, would like to know what he is using.

Yhamzee MC says:

what is the exact stat of that FB str or dex type ?? ..
coz i want to create fb soon reply please

Mor Atias says:

that wi 1800 dmg is epic

Charles barclay says:

what skills you use and the level of the skills
please tell me

StanicEnemy says:

haha poor sera xD

Lokito says:

nice .. you use bike resist

freed kamil says:

pozdro van kamil 🙂

xSuperBella says:

I want try too 🙂

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