Cabal – Playthrough Arcade Completed – no lifes lost – 1coin

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It’s me finishing one of my all time favorite arcade games: Cabal. Cabal is property of TAD corporation.

I was aiming to not lose any lifes, so I avoided collecting points in risky situations. It’s my third time accomplishing this.

My Mame HLSL settings are:

hlsl_enable 1
hlsl_prescale_x 4
hlsl_prescale_y 4
hlsl_preset -1
hlsl_snap_width 1920
hlsl_snap_height 1200
shadow_mask_alpha 0.000000
shadow_mask_texture aperture.png
shadow_mask_x_count 512
shadow_mask_y_count 384
shadow_mask_usize 0.093750
shadow_mask_vsize 0.093750
curvature 0.050000
pincushion 0.050000
scanline_alpha 0.050000
scanline_size 1.000000
scanline_height 0.500000
scanline_bright_scale 12.000000
scanline_bright_offset 0.500000
scanline_jitter 0.001000
defocus 2.000000,2.000000
converge_x -0.400000,0.000000,0.000000
converge_y -0.400000,0.000000,0.000000
radial_converge_x 0.000000,0.000000,0.000000
radial_converge_y 0.000000,0.000000,0.000000
red_ratio 1.000000,0.000000,0.000000
grn_ratio 0.000000,1.000000,0.000000
blu_ratio 0.000000,0.000000,1.000000
saturation 1.000000
offset 0.000000,0.000000,0.000000
scale 1.000000,1.000000,1.000000
power 1.700000,1.700000,1.700000
floor 0.100000,0.100000,0.100000
phosphor_life 0.450000,0.450000,0.450000
yiq_enable 0
yiq_cc 3.597545
yiq_a 0.500000
yiq_b 0.500000
yiq_o 0.000000
yiq_p 1.000000
yiq_n 1.000000
yiq_y 6.000000
yiq_i 1.200000
yiq_q 0.600000
yiq_scan_time 52.599998
yiq_phase_count 2


Junioru2 ADJ says:

bem loko joguinho jogava muito to ficando véio

Eternal Fandub ReBirth says:

[Español] La "Danza de la Victoria" recuerda mucho a esas celebraciones en series de Anime de los '70 y '80.

[English] That "Victory's Dance" regards me to diverse Victory Celebrations in '70's and '80's Anime Series.

AlexanderTheGreat says:

I been trying to think of the game i used to play when i was younger at the local pizza joint. Thank's

XplaneZ says:


Trevor Moses says:

I forgot about the crazy happy dance: LOL.

Bernard W says:

This dude doesn't use all those grenades that much except on the scenery. Good playing. It's not so much the victory dance as the cheesy music that gets me. Love the overload noise when you beat the final boss but the truck dropping turrets was harder. Never knew you could just grenade the stretcher bearers, I was always trying to get a perfect trace on them for 3 grenades, this guy gets 3 with a grenade then up to 3 more. Get the evil red cross.

Bernard W says:

Loved this game and used to be the guy that the kids watched while I finished it one credit like this. I could only do it on this and Black Tiger. You can do these great somersaults between the bullets, looks great. Then you get the rock-n-roll party gun and it gets FUN

iammrcrap says:

damn, what an incredible run!!! i've only ever played this with joystick so far, when i get my new pc all set up though, i'm for sure gonna try it with the trackball on my x-arcade tankstick! by the way, what was the exploit you used on the 3rd boss to make it die so quickly?

cleaner1984 says:

Wow, you finish the game with 8 extra hearts/lives! The best I did so far is 2.

Christian G. Castillo says:

One of the first shooter games of history.

cmatin01 says:

What made it unique and frustrating was the trackball it employed to have you aim and move left and right with. I enjoyed Blood Brothers also but the feel of the game was different without the trackball.

Cordero redil 77 Riv says:

me agradaba ese juego

ministry86 says:

I have always loved the music in this game. Some of it sticks in my head all these years later and I gotta come check it out on youtube.

Malena Cusnier says:

this is record of camera

Sinan Polat says:

i don't find this version on web.İs there anyone help me?

treeghettox says:

Mang… fuck FPS's, this is the kinda shooting action I crave. Shooting bullets with other bullets is some made-up video game bullshit but got damn is that some fine gameplay.

TheKvack says:

this game have more destruction than battlefield 4

brianmsdk says:

Ah, this brings me back.The only arcade I ever completed on a single coin. Good times!

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