Camelot Unchained MMORPG – PvP ONLY!! – Overview

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CAMELOT UNCHAINED Medievil Fantasy MMORPG, everything you need to know.

This is a Realm vs Realm “PvP Only” Medievil Fantasy MMORPG, with a player driven economy for items, no drops on raid bosses, you need something new you make it or have someone else make it.

Three Realms in one persistent, massive, open-world sandbox environment, with towns and cities built almost entirely by the players.

Do battle over scarce resources, take and hold Places of Power, burn down your enemies’ homes, and seek to conquer The Depths, a TriRealm dungeon like none other in gaming. This might be a sandbox game, but you aren’t building sandcastles: You are building and defending your homes!

Using the Unchained Engine built in house specifically for this game.

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Shinnokist says:

MMO without PvE = R.I.P!

Thibault SIMON says:

90% of the comments are about "bad graphics". You guys are truely dumb and probably never participated in any way in a game developpement.

Davorn Urynmar says:

No sexy elves? This game will not sell well.

Ray Dijk says:

1960 called, it wants its game back…. Releasing this pile of junk in 2017 is retarded.

Krave Snickers says:

Looks a lot like Elder Scrolls Online which inspired another legion of bored MMO players in a few months. Most, if not all, MMOs these days temporarily claim to fame in a few months before dwindling and people leave for other games. It's like a marriage in the Western world, temporary.

Jason N says:

Many WvW players Anet has forgotten in Guild Wars 2 are looking forward to this game.

semme semmson says:

the characters walk like its in a comic book – wow like. that already makes me not wanna play the came. i love the naturalistic way of movement in daoc. i dont need to be selled some good looking overexagerated physics. I dont like this ongoing trend of looks, as if its for 8 year olds. who wants to identify with that?

niko fifi says:

ça vient trop long la, plus 4 ans et il est même pas encore beta.

saahii myworld says:

wtf, the skins…. they all look like CLONEs of each other, thats so bad, wheres the customization, what are those fairies with sparkles? SO UGLY and those big ass naked orcs? cmon

bad graphics are bad

Pancho Mapuche says:

Крылья на жопе.

Spitfire says:

Are the Graphics from the 90's? This Game will fail hard….

Neuro Mancer says:

This is looking good so far. My main concern with it being RvR is that, as has happened in every MMO I've played with this set up, two realms will team up to utterly and permanently crush the third. I hope that that doesn't happen. Also, I hear the release date is the end of 2017? Hopefully?

Jason Purcell says:

I might try it out who knows I might like it. I do like to craft.

Jason Purcell says:

I would rather just play DAOC really.  I played that game for years after UO.

Jason Purcell says:

I'm not sure about a total PVP game.  The leveling system just seems strange to me and what if you don't want to do RVR? I am just a PVE junkie and I cant stand pvp or rvr.  hmmm not sure if this game is for me.

John Smith says:

The issue with this game… is that the races are just fucking fugly. No one wants to run around hopping and skipping while looking that god awful. Who wants wings coming out of their ass? Also… no level system? That is a joke right? No PvE player base = no population. This shits gonna fail harder than EQ NEXT.

Trap Wizard says:

Once I heard no level progression I kinda exited the video /:

Drake Bell says:

the only problem with pay2play mmos is that i dont know if it will be fun without paying first
im very picky with my mmos so if theres any issues i just stop playing and if it looks iffy and its pay2play i wont even bother
ive never played a pvp only game before and i dont really like pvp in general so that combined with it being p2p i wont bother
all p2p mmos need a f2p trial server or some way of testing it before paying

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