Cheapest Leveling Armor in Anarchy Online

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Just a few examples of an inexpensive way to level and create a solid toon. Guides here:

SL Armor guide –

RK Armor guide –


Logan Watt says:

Didn't make it 50 seconds without "bang bang about dat action."

cmonn makeittwerk says:

heya Sharp ! im making 60 martial, tryin to twink him, what armor can you suggest me? Miys armor, or is there something better? thank you

Jaylucky777 says:

Hey, you still play?

Chris Jones says:

Lowbie froobs can no more use Carbonum then Fleets can fly. They can however run around in the highly prized Miy's Ranged Armor and Miy's Melee Armor (Aquaan camp at 500,600 Omni Forest) After, they should be about high enough level to get Living Cyber Armor from quests and the Subway. Sometime around then they will be able to find low level Rhinoman enemies, & different leveled packs of those, with their valuable Rhinoman Leather Armor will be able to carry them all the way up to level 50 or so

Jim Pomatto says:

Another awesome guide.  Just getting in to building carbonium now on my trader so getting some tradeskill experience also. 

shiftonephoto says:

After leveling so many toons I don't really mess around with armor that much and I certainly don't screw around farming tier.  its a pain getting all those insignias. especially the ones you need from the scheol dungeon or the longer boring route of that one elly cave.   It was so much better back in the day when ppl played to get tier since you could trade with omnis/clan killing faction mobs for the the PITA insignias. I've recently been leveling a crat and I seriously wore carb armor till about level 100 then miys nano still at 201 so I can cast higher bots and nano's. 

 You got it pretty spot on though, but it seems you can level so fast its not worth putting much time into special armor untill you get to 200-220 range. Starting to pick up some ofab DB and AI pieces.  I know on my NM engi I was able to use ql 300 armor around 213 (I think) with some twinking.

Berth Ljunggren says:

Love the Tier armor, looks good, ac is fairly even and my engi has the skills to make up to T2, and the leveling makes it nice to, sadly my engi is opi so breed capped on int for now 🙂

Bouttogo HAMM says:

great video you named off some of my favorite armor. lower lvls should look into some of the old school tradeskill armor even though its kinda outdated, still cheap and easily acquired. i dont get all the hype over ai armor honestly for levelling 1 piece will do fine and can be put on alts once its outgrown. twinking is a different story lol

Joliie says:

Running the video at 1080p still can read anything on the screen 🙁

Zhongjie Dong says:

i wouldnt recommend crep, you need to tradeskill yourself and need high skills to make an appropriate ql for your level.

Nickierv says:

A few points.
Never tradeskill your own armor, it will roast your IPs, then it will wreck the roasted remains of your IPs. Buy plates, find someone to make it for you.

Tier armor is solid armor but you are going to need to buy the parts. Mobs start to be soloable 160-175, or when you get your 200 pet for the pet classes.
Once you get someone who can farm it, you can make/equip it 50-60 with a bit of twinking, and 70 if you acidentley 70.
No idea who wrote the Tier 1 guide but its a lot easier to get the parts than they make it sound.

Also the armor from CoH is a reasonable froob armor, but it is a bit tricky to get.
Crawler armor is ql 75, upgrades to Prowler armor and levels to 150. Not quite as high ACs as carb, but adds init and evades. Its an option if your a bit tight on cash

zewm says:

I think you can buy QL 200 carbonum plates from the yodas in Shadowlands (Inferno).

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