Classic Dark Age of Camelot – Midgard 1-20 Leveling Guide

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Aaaaand another Classic Dark Age of Camelot Guide. This time I’m showing you how to best get from 1-20 in Midgard, both solo and grouped. Hold on tight!

Find all the mobs either here: or here:

Beginner’s Guide Primer:

Midgard Beginner’s Guide:

Hibernia Beginner’s Guide:
Hibernia 1-20 Leveling Guide:

Albion Beginner’s Guide:
Albion 1-20 Leveling Guide:

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epicdogadventures says:

Are you playing on an official server, Uthgard, something else?

notta3d says:

Just a comment on social. I always heard the DAOC crowd was more mature, but I asked in chat, very politely mind you, if there was a mod or a way to change the font when you parry for example. I thought it was a legitimate question. I got ripped a new one. "It makes a sound and the character reacts a certain way. What more do you want?" I was like "well that will be the last question I ask" I just think the sound is very low and I find my myself staring at the combat logs looking for specific text to use reaction abilities. I was surprised to get a reaction like that as I worded it very nicely.

notta3d says:

So I'm giving this game a shot. I normally would just Google all my questions but information is limited or very old. I chose Hibernia because it seems the other realms are over populated. I also chose a melee class (Champion) because all I see are Mentalist, Enchanters, and Druids. So I hit level 5 but I honestly have no clue what to do, or no idea where to go. I don't dare try to get in a group because all I see are requests for Ments, Enchanters, Healers and Bards. So it would be great if you could make a video for starting a melee class. This starting sword is brutal 🙂 Also, what I don't like is I can't try out any of these specs to see what is best. Once you make your decision it's final. I know there are some respecs at 20 and 40??? but the combinations are endless. As I said, a video would be great on something like this. I really need a weapon 🙂

Let's Talk Gaming says:

Awesome info! Wish I actually made this video 😛 Are you on Uthgard now ?

Xilv7 says:

Should really work on cleaning up your UI. The way you have it setup makes the game look a lot more clunky than it already is. Absolutely no need to have your combat win and/or main window to be THAT big.

Adam Daigle says:

Might have to try out mid some time now. I'm used to coop for mid or just /lvl 20.

Also, did I just forget about tasks from the gaurds or is that not in live. It's been so long.

DannyKeen says:

If Broadsword makes a classic server, that is fraction locked, i'll come back to play.

Luz Getting Lost says:

I´m having a awesome flashback at the moment! 🙂 looking forwart to the Hib version!

Lemmiatem78 says:

So I have downloaded the unnamed server, but in a bout with indecision I couldn't decide what class to make haha.

Matthew Laurence says:

A bit granular for my liking IMO.

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