Cliff Richard – Visions (1966)

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Visions – A beautiful song by Cliff Richard (The golden boy)
Clips are produced by the BBC Natural History Unit. A brilliant work!


Suzi64grad says:

Only Cliff Richard could do this song!!!

Nick Compton says:

this song will always remind me of my Aunt

Anita K says:

Very beautiful song and great singer 🙂

My Name Is A Secret says:

So romantic song, so touching me…

Tommy Hoggett says:

Reminds me of when I left my sweetheart luckily enough it was only for two weeks while away with the T A . 30 years still with her. What a fantastic song and even better wife. Love you with all my heart Doreen Hoggett xxx

Mary Bree says:

Voor mijn zusje Teddy…zij was de grootste Cliff fan …dit was haar lievelings liedje …

yu says:

College days were happy days in early 60s

tessie vazquez says:

This is My favorite Song of Cliff Richard for My memories when My husband is alive.

Gloria Giles says:

a very beautiful song, ever. my husband passed away and this song remind me of him. i missed him so much.

Giao Nguyen says:

The song reminds me of my golden time when turning 18.
THE best by Cliff Richard !

Pauline Samoranos says:

Only Sir Cliff can sing this song soooo beautifully !!!!!

antonio ik2mmp says:

Da sempre una delle mie favorite del mio cantante preferito

Yenny Marlina Ali says:

So Romantic…..

Wenz Arnold says:

why should they advertise on the screen .. annoying

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