DAoC LIVES! [Let’s Play!] Dark Age of Camelot – Darkness Falls Raid – Albion

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If you thought Dark Age of Camelot was dead, you were dead wrong! Watch 138 albs in a DF raid take down Legion in this episode of Let’s Play! Dark Age of Camelot!

Nobaldjr – Cleric – Alb – Lion’s Pride

Dark Age of Camelot


themisspultone says:

ahh glad to know this old friend is still going. Just wish Excalibur was still up and all my guild were still there. Miss those folks

chris vogel says:

Sorry but what exactly is the fun part about zerging? scrubs

Donald Stephan says:

df still looks good(best dungeon in any mmo) but poor legion still looks like ass

DGSwenOutdoors says:

Did Broadsword remove ToA?

Fred Batton says:

Played off and on since release, still my standard for RvR and MMO experience.

Business Leadership says:

I play Swtor. I could never play this game. The characters loL too cartooned.. it seems that a lot of people don't mind that though. A LOT OF PEOPLE ON THAT RAID!

hairypolishguy says:

the number 1 game of my childhood. for some reason it popped into my head today and saw this video. yay memories.

WayneTwitch says:

playing this game now fucking bad ass just what i been looking for

Rasananda Das says:

Lol how can you see what you're doing?

Grimpeh says:

Great to see this again. So much nostalgia. My first real MMO back in 2002 and definitely my most cherished.

cory filmore says:

how do i download doac for free

Lance Brasseaux says:

I know VERY LITTLE about this game but looks like some fun.  A friend of mine plays it. Been playing it for awhile…  He just got back on after a long break and he's enjoying the shit out of it 🙂

RedEarthBlue says:

Long live Camelot Unchained. 


I only hope we can recapture some of the magic of this game in the new one.

RedEarthBlue says:

I love(ed?) DAOC.  I stopped playing because my server emptied, and it emptied because they changed the crafting – and other – rules.  For example; even though I leveled skills under the old system, overnight I could no longer get points from making keep doors, or from repairing walls; or do either.  I could no longer build rams etc.  I loved Darkness Falls.  I had a mage who could charm the best pets there; ones that could either heal or deal damage.  It was like the people who ran the game hated the players and made it impossible to play.  It felt as though somebody made the perfect game, and somebody else got control of it and hated it so much they smashed and destroyed it!

Knuckle_Bump says:

I love DAOC but I stopped playing because my hard drive crashed and I don't know how to redo my settings such as Bob's UI etc.

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