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Dark Age of Camelot Gameplay First look gameplay MMORPG video + commentary by Omer from MMOs.com

Dark Age of Camelot is a subscription based fantasy MMORPG developed and published by EA / Mythic. It originaly released back in 2001 and coined the term “Realm vs Realm”. It features a huge variety of playable races and classes.



Tyrone Biggums says:

I thought this guy disappeared, remember him from mmohut videos years back.

Jay Yothanan says:

played from 2001-2006 best pvp game in existence

Matthew Lawrence says:

"Didn't have as much of an impact as Everquest or Ultima Online"..??.. Lol

Vinícius Lapuente says:

lOTRO ? hahaha really? no? ho my god

Ave Wolfz says:

Beat reviewer ever that voice is awesome!!

ExiHyp says:

About the map. Mmos were not focused on maps, because one of the major parts of these kinds of games was exploration and the ability to orientate without a map where you can see everything and know where you are just by looking at the map. Not to mention the boring questing where the map just shows you where you have to run, instead of reading the quest log and trying to find the location yourself. Wow didn't do it right, they just taken away this aspect of the old mmorpg and of course people who had nothing to do with the genre before, liked it. Their interest is not in playing an mmorpg, but an "action shooter" in fantasy style more or less. The rest of the people just got spoiled and think this is a must have for an mmorpg, so now daoc also implemented this feature. And all you see is the map and not the world, how revolutionary.

Oliver && says:

https://www2.uthgard.net/howto That is the link for Uthgard private classic server

Yuujin says:

Even though I dislike watching ancient games I always seem to enjoy DAoC gameplay that you do, especially the grind you did with Erhan on stream, the game is so relaxing to watch for some reason xD

Kimberly Ify says:

i actually didnt notice the webcam was on until i read the comments

wolfafe says:

When game is over a decade old it's about time it dies and squeal replaces it. Can't watch these graphics in 2k17 no matter if the game is good, sorry.

ZazaLoveism says:

Do a grindfest with mmobyte ^^ I like you and all but the group is getting rather small.

Kordesh says:

Was not expecting to drown in nostalgia tonight…

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