Dark Age Of Camelot – This Has To Be The Hardest MMORPG I have EVER Played! It’s A Nightmare!

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● Today I will be playing Dark age of Camelot, and boy.. this MMORPG was an experience.

Now the game isn’t bad, it’s just not the type of MMORPG I’m used to.. and I chose to be an archer which led to a lot of unfortunate things happening.. #IHaveRegrets.

Oh, also note that Dark age of Camelot is a subscription based MMORPG I was playing the 14 day free trail~

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Cosmo 506 says:

This is one of the best mmorpg’s of all time. I still play it. The game gets a lot better when you hit 50 and get goood gear and Pvp. This just shows super low level boring and SLOW mechanics lol. If you really wanna get a good feel I can help you out

MysticFist_75 says:

djeez i couldn't listen more than 30 sec to her …. What a *


You should try to play at level 50, and get a taste of real pvp its called RvR 🙂

Chanmokeii of Percival

vegeedk says:

Changeing the dmg type of the Arrow would make it better or worse against some enemies and armor types… Granted i havent played the game for years since it has been dumbed down like all the other mmo's (solo lvling wise) When this lanuched it was the best gameing experience I've ever had.. I'm sad there never launched a classic server for daoc… But guess I'll be spending my time on wow classics hen it launches

LedriTheThane says:

Best MMORPG of all time.

Natasha says:

lol too hard, this was not that hard it required group play. Which is a big feature missing in most MMORPGs when leveling today, It came back in Eureka in ff14. Also, the game has a lot less downtime now than it used to, what I was reading, I stopped playing this when WOW came out as Trials of Atlantis kind of killed pvp for me, with artefact master levels as I used enjoy playing an assassin.

I played this for several years and enjoyed it, the rvr was great.

Joshua Wilcox says:

Oh Wiggy I love you! This made my day! crotchety old man voice Back in my day MMOs were hard and unforgiving, and the interface was non-intuitive and we liked it that way!

Josh Cole says:

Hahahaha. Not sure if serious. Should have played it before they put that easy mode tutorial in.

Frank Genner says:

Dark ages of Camelot is the best MMO ever!

Alex OBanion says:

Best mmo I've ever played, miss the rvr. Just be thankful for the tutorial insert, it makes things much easier than they used to be, and races used to start in different areas as well iirc without tutorial a real grind type of game back then until it was time to hit Old frontiers.

Adam Russell says:


Thrust has + vs chain
Slash vs scale/cloth
Crush vs plate and certain leather…

Part of the magic if Dark Age before all the expansions and ZERO desire to go unreal engine on graphics

DevinofSparta says:

Best game ever made!

christopher peacock says:

Back in the day this was a exceptional MMO. it was hard tricky and can be very frustrating, However as you get to the later end of the game, it still holds the best PVP play out of any MMO on the market. Which is its main selling point.

Mirrigold says:

Dying with laughter here, this is DAoC in "easy mode", you should have played it when it first launched in 2001 🙂

Jesper Lennert says:

scout's weapon switch is painful xD

Kevin Davis says:

This was from back in the times when MMO's were stupid hard, but very satisfying. EQ, DAoC, Ultima were similar in this regard. WoW and EQ2 came along and opened the genre to the masses by dumbing things down and it's been pretty much downhill since then. Black Desert Online may be a bit of an exception considering its level of depth and grind.

MegaHerbMan says:

"Screw you sentry!" HAHA love this shit. Bytewiggy is so cute haha

nathan walton says:

your archer but u still gotta use melee silly

Matt Hale says:

For the record, DAOC is easily one of the best MMOs created (albeit old, now might be out-of-date compared to newer games). Transitioning from current, more simple MMOs will make this one seem overly difficult to control, get spells or shots out etc. But once you get rolling it's so amazing. I realize I'm partial to it as I've played it off and on since 2001. P.S. if you find Scout hard in the current iteration of the game, stay clear of the classic freeshards 😉 it sets the game back to more or less launch and that is a doozy, lemme tell ya.

Roseheart Toxic says:

But your not an archer, you're a scout

Ryunigia says:

your mic could use a few tweaks ^^'

Menis Ponster says:

Aw Wiggy, there's so much more depth to it. But you did well on your first try.
Different mobs are weak to different type of damage. That's where slash and thrust come in. It all factors into your character customization.
Scouts fight from afar and are damage dealers, so get yourself a tank. That mage for example could pull with pet and you deal damage.
Anyway… Daoc is one of the great mmorps out there. and for a 2001 game it aged well.
If you get into it, you'll realise how boring todays asia grind themeparks are.

Sennoizumi Chans says:

Hey Wiggy can you please make another Onigiri game video

MaRius9991 says:

where is stix?

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