DDO – Gameplay/Walkthrough – Paladin Build

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Merrickxx Gaming plays Dungeons & Dragons Online Ep 1 making a Paladin


SteelMaster24 says:

I liked the video you should make more. I play on Agronesson I'd be more than happy to help you out. Gear, Guild, and party members.

xPumaFangx says:

You fucked up by giving him wisdom. You will get more then enough wisdom to cast spells as paladin with 8 wisdom. You just need a +6 wisdom item. You should have went 18 str and 18 con. Then pumped all skill points into intim and concentration. Balance does not avoid being knocked down it makes it so you get up faster. http://ddowiki.com/page/Balance

Swords are one of the worst damage dealing weapons in this game. You would have been better off with a high crit range weapon like a scimitar, rapier, or khopesh. Or gone with a high crit damage. Like a battle axe, warhammer, heavy pick, or dwarven axe.

Lighting reflexes is only useful for reflex saving throws. Which does not help against dodging arrows.

You picked bastard swords. While using sovereign host. You also stated that you wanted that deity so you can do more damage with long swords. Bastard Swords are not long swords. So you will not get a bonus with them. Not only that u have to spend feats to get that damage. Where you could have gone with a favored soul build instead. Which would have given you those feats for free. Which is wiser.

I think you have given very bad advice here.

Fernando Barahona says:

Haha that intro tho

NoobTube says:

What server are you playing on and when will you make another ddo video?

Apple Apple says:

Stop watching nasa live streams at 2 am

Merrickxx Gamer says:

leave a comment if i should put a umm counter on this video lmao 😛

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