DDO – Let’s Play – Deepwood – 01

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Episode 01: Work, Work, Work

Gameplay and commentary of “Deepwood Trapmonkey” by EllisDee37

~~ GOALS ~~
– highlight a Free-to-Play ranged build (with trap skills)
– increase TP via favor
– have a solid ranged character that is fun to level (especially in wilderness areas)
– increase the guild level for better amenities

– Byron Scoutsword killed everything while I piked
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Shadowwolf146 says:

i would love to join your guild on wayfinder but me and my friends ( who have played the game so much more than me) play on the Cannith server and they always seem to lvls so much faster then me and i only have a lvl 4 pally. im following a THF build for F2P. Also i ran all the quests (even the quests in the wilderness on Korthos) i ran from normal to eliete, dont know if that was a bad idea but im trying to get the favor for drow if i ever use them for a build. so do you have any tips for me i still barely know what im doing in the game even though ive played it for a bit a few years ago but only got to stormreach.

Soruzen says:

cool! a new playthrough, what server do u play on? maybe i could run into you

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