DDO Monastery Solo – Rogue

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The Way of the Assassin


Lexington Austin says:

I love my asassin rogue 2016 and still going strong 😀

King PenguinKeen says:

also Rogue can use magic .

bkillerS3E says:

you r rogue is awesome, ur way of solo is like a boss, ur weapons are deadly 😀

Lag Spikez says:

I'm just going to sneak past these mobs with my glowing swords, LOL.

Unknown Desert says:

@ShadRan666 what kind of rogue do you owe ? master mechanic,acrobat or dark blade ? o_O

Heikki Heiskanen says:

This dung looks really confusing

burstengravity says:

14 min quest turned into 6 min vid:P

RasOye says:

what happen with the scorpion at the end??y u past the most crucial point of the quest??true assassins know the truth…

siratthebox says:


Nick Dougherty says:

i like your build ive been looking for a day on a assasin with trapmonkey ability's and havn't found anything if u could give me advice or your build 😛 much appriciated

aragenn says:

@narutouzu78 alot youll meet alot of locks later on that are close to impossible to break with magic your gonna ahve alot of picking and disabling fun 😉

aragenn says:

@SpearOfGoth i wish you alot of luck and fun ingame might even meet you in there working on a assasin build myself right now 😛

lsb3340 says:

omg ive checked the forums time and time again and cant find the stupid build for this. can you just post a vid of you making it or atleast describe it. or even give me the url to the build in the forum's.

Kodard69 says:

i want those weps so bad lol

Jstep says:

Rogue is by far the funnest to play with solo.

tehw000000t says:

@Patt089 1. go on the forums
2. make a lvl 20 pure
3. think about multiclasses

Jinx Zuehlke says:

wow, he didnt fall slowly, he just sat there and floated.

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