Death of a Game: Age of Conan

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How Funcom’s MMO Age of Conan died.



Science Fiction says:

Easily the best game that never realized its potential.

Zim Comp says:

problem I found with age of conan
I played for the first few months and me and a buddy of mine ended up in a region with nothing in and I mean nothing
no mobs, no trees, no buildings ,just flat land
no way to level and i always thought im paying monthly for this so i just quit
I did plan to go back when more content came along but like almost everyone else we all moved on to the next mmo

Robert Sides says:

I'll never quite forget the glitched boob physics that happened for some people. That was the legacy the game left behind.

Garry Gabriel says:

lol, the combo combat is how a hunter rolls in wow, so ya know… they don't really have much on that either. it's still just pressing a button to do damage. and trying to maximize order.

Morsov says:

bro you are right 100%

Waffle the Mighty says:

gosh i wish age of conan was, like………playable. it has some of the most fun magic classes

Electrickoolaid A says:

I do actually think the Conan universe isn't suited for an MMO. Not because of gameplay but because most people associate it with Arnold and they immediately think " Fuck this this is lame"

SpartanHammer says:

Anarchy online…from what am told it's dead or at least on death bed. I bet the complex stat allocation, bizarre stat requirements for iteams aka need buff just to get gear killed it among other things

123Dunebuggy says:

Funcom did not learn anything from AoC

Zachary Smith says:

Hah my brother wrote that review at 17:19

RAH ZEN says:

If they turned AOC Unchained into Conan Exiles a ONE TIME PURCHASE with single player and Cheats via an Admin Panel and MODS than I'd buy it still after all these years. I had fun for they several months I played aoc but unwilling to pay for memberships or microtransactions. Especially a game you can't mod or cheat.

MPSecare says:

the blood was the best. All I remember is getting to a certain level and there being nothing to do.


… Also, max level players stood on the spawn for the very first instance island and just arrowed you down, one-shotting people infinitely.

Also also, tons of people all in the same dungeon trying to kill the same mob. 20+ players all stealthing and backstabbing all at the same time. Also also also you'd be walking down the stairs in town, and the game would decide that two feet = deadly fall height and you'd scream and die.

Russ NZ says:

I played this for years. IMO the raids were the best part. Very challenging and designed to need a mixture of classes to complete them.

Chris Reymond says:

These game was the shit back then had a great time, the fatalities alone were amazing

Namegoeshere Orhere says:

I played it at launch and the things that I remember that killed it for me was complete lack of end game content, no rewards for PvP and really bad lag if you were near more than 3 or 4 other players. Tried to take a keep once but it was impossible, lag was unbearable. I didn't find the leveling all that difficult, I got every character to max level in the few months that I played but then most gamers these days don't want to do anything hard so maybe that was more than they could handle. I liked the combat but not the combos so much and Tempests of Set and Priests(?) Of Mitra were retardedly over powered, being able to heal really well and do massive aoe damage with good CC in one character should never have happened.

moniek says:

this game had so much going for it, there were aspects of it that i loved. but it was simply released unfinished and in an underdeveloped state.

Sean Warren says:

We need an AoC map mod for Exiles… Oh my.
Also, launch Necro was just about the best Necro ever. The first balance pass was crushing.
Loved my Xolti character after that…
Man, the grind from 30-60 was brutal tho… Hmm
Thanks for the content!

Aurora Lights says:

What a piece of shit this game was.

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