Death of a Game: Rift

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The rifts, might be finally closing.

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SkyExplosion says:

While I don't believe you are correct on every single game to claim is dead i Would like to see you take a look at Guild Wars 2 in a year or so when their new content stops.

Veikko Lamminpää says:

Rift :´| I loved it to death when it came out. The amount of adventuring it had into it, I loved collecting all the stuff, finding cool quests, shutting down rifts, the raids were great, the dungeons were fun. Goddangit 🙁

AmazingPaladin says:

I quit a couple months in along with half the people in my guild. We got a lot of world firsts but the game felt too generic. Not even going to mention the "iwin" macros you could make and spam.

ilikemcdonalds says:

You have been banned from the Rift forums.

Brekner Catalin says:

I played the "level 20" beta. It was fun but oh well, not that great to keep me from playing WoW.

Richard G says:

update – rift prime will be shut down permanently on 3/31/2019.

Forrest Gray says:

Dude, I remember right after launch I was headed back to town to turn in quests and THE WHOLE TOWN was taken over by hostile NPC's because an invasion had gone unanswered and a small army of players had to fight and regain control of the town. Never experienced anything like it in a game since. Only other MMO that structured itself to encourage player interaction was Warhammer Online, sacking a castle with an army of players was crazy.

Lancelot2000Lps says:

Rift was a very great game i played it the first year alot and than a half year long only a little because the blancing was a bit dubios!!! The problem with balancing was like i played at the time a class that was a mesh out of 2 healers and 1 dd and it was very op because you could heal good and you could dps and because of self heals and buffs you could be tanky, and i played most the time pvp or the rifts in pve but after winning and winning it is sad too say but it bored me!!!

Nolan Burkhart says:

I miss rift

SidTheJerkNSFW says:

plz look into LifeBlood, it has alot in common with Apex ledges that you might find interesting.

Big_Brain_Kai’sa_Main says:

“You can buy stat granting gear in the irl currency shop”
“Gear must be earned”

Pride and accomplishment lmao

Ryan Karolak says:

Hey, I liked Defiance, lol. I am probably in the minority, and it had its flaws, but I found it fun.


R.I.P. Rift… you were too good for your time !!!

Djuntas says:

The Riftstalker build in Rift was one, if not the best class/build Ive tried in any Game. The game was great at launch.

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