Death of a Game: Star Wars Galaxies

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How and why Star Wars Galaxies died.

Commentary Start: 9:58
Combat Discussion: 13:13
Content Discussion (or lack of): 15:18
CU (Combat Upgrade Discussion): 17:25
NGE Discussion: 19:24
Rose Colored Glasses & The “Good Ole Days”: 22:59
The Jedi Conundrum: 27:39
Mistakenly Assuming the “Star Wars” Title = Success: 29:36
Conclusion: 34:28

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Jennifer Kleinkauf says:

I miss this game

The Anti PC Parrot says:

it really sucks because even with every thing they did to ruin swg it was still far better than star wars tor.

FullBlown says:

swg was my first MMO untill WOW, i only quit cause they changed the game and made a 8 class system,so i went to wow with better gfx to be an orc I will always love that game cause it was for me fun to make my drugs and do missions and make a town it was coo/ EU FARSTAR and i ran a huge guild called MAFIA and had a player town, but yeah i went back before it was shut down and the gfx imo where just to bad to get into.. you can still play this game and it still gets updates just not by sony. aslong as you still have those disks. and i know you did not play the game cause there was a lot of mission types,faction base kill missions,crafting missions,drop off missions,hunting missions etc,was a few more,not just kill or collect like nowadays. i also feel the game died before i quit cause over half my guild had quit before the class system and the numbers of subs do not lie,nor the server merges that came after. When people do not come back to a game ,that marks the start and death of a game..its common to note,once a server merge you are in the death throws of the game and maybe a shut down or crap updates to come,just like wow nowadays. Numbers went up due to totally new players who did not stick around long. if you played you would have noticed all the houses and shops etc all over the plantes etc..but this is your option based on failed devs.

YesteryearsGamer says:


This game will forever have my respect for having the only MMO thus far to have a bard type class that can actually PERFORM FOR OTHERS. And for bounty hunters… THAT ACTUALLY HUNT PLAYER BOUNTIES.

Conrad Sheridan says:

I would buy this game if It got remastered.

Dr Boner says:

WTF? I love the NGE now!

RICHARDS82nd says:

As a young Soldier returning from Iraq just as this was released, I ground out multiple professions to unlock my holocron and make it to be a Jedi pre-NGE and CU. grouped with other jedis in a guild and had a blast. I loved CH and Commando best on my grind. As a Jedi I loved fighting BHs and had a few that I recognized by name and knew they were a challenge (sometimes 1-3 hour long fights) I was only butt hurt over the way it was handled due to the time sync that went into getting what I had unlocked being given as a possible profession when rolling a new toon. The BH group nerfs before that were frustrating for BHs but a Godsend for the young grinding Jedi trying to unlock their first tree. The permadeath was a problem but it made me think about when I would fight or run. (forcerun saved me more times than I can remember) This was a good game that fell subject to marketing that targeted a younger player base unhappy with a steep learning curve imo.

Karsten Breitner says:

Star Wars Galaxies 2 = Star Citizen…..

Misfit Chespin says:

My Dad bought this game when it first came out, he never played it. I found it in 2013, still in the box with the time card.

Trip Waller says:

Having been a member of the CU closed beta and spending a lot of time on the test server, the biggest problem was they continually pushed unfinished and broken systems and continually re-broke the few things that they did fix.

I think what a lot of people mean by the glory days of pre-cu is that was the most free form sandbox version of the game, not that it was functionally complete, working or balanced. Instanced dungeons, anti decay kits and soul binding items destroyed the free market sandbox of the original design. The entirely player based economy was the one unique aspect of the game and it was sacrificed to turn it into a poorly made WoW clone. As it became a better WoW clone it lost more of the class interdependence and player based economy aspect of the game.

And I mostly agree with Ralph that holocrons and the jedi unlock system were the single most damaging thing that happened to the game.

Micky Green says:

Fantastic job. I agree with almost everything you said. The one disagreement I have is the idea that levels were always there pre-CU, CU just made them visible. I played the game for pretty much its entire run, from launch day of the Wanderhome server, until the say they pulled the plug (with some breaks along the way).
I know that pre-CU I could use some skills and tactics to pull and solo mobs that post CU 1 hit incapped me. Anecdotally, the game went from a skill based combat resolution to a more simple level-based system.
I was able to enjoy all three eras of the game, pre-CU being my favorite despite the agreed lack of content.

Transfixed says:

This is an excellent video. I played SGU since launch day and remember logging into the NGE one day and feeling so blindsided and gutted. It was like someone had broken my toys. That taught me what a weird new risk you take when investing time into an MMO as opposed to traditional gaming. I'm embarrassed to admit how depressed i was for months after.

pappppie says:

Cool video; especially the trip down SWG memory lane, but when you say it was more than just one change that killed the game, yes and no.  It was a lot of poor decisions. like you said, but what for me, NGE was the death blow.  They didn't 'enhance' SWG at all. They made it a brand new game.  Even immersion felt different.  That's why I hated it and I have a feeling most vets feel the same way.  And you're so right about the development and management teams not listening to players.  We BEGGED them not to do this.  We even suggested a compromise.  Give us ONE planet without NGE.  I realize it may have been an administrative burden, but it could have been a good faith gesture to loyal players.  

Also,  I wasn't one that hated the CU but I know a lot that did.  You can claim that people are just nostalgic, so that's why they remember the good ole days of pre-CU and after so fondly, but I totally disagree. I am a vet of many mmorpg's, starting with Ultima Online back in the day and I can honestly say that the most fun I've ever had out playing any of any of them was after grinding through TK/Doc on my main character and unlocking FS on my alt.  After CU was an adjustment, but I still had a blast.  But NGE was the last straw.  Had that not happened or if they'd have given us a non-NGE planet, I'd still have my sub to this day (if the plug wasn't pulled)

1scalpa says:

said it b4 on other videos you can still play swg on private servers ^_^

EccentricM says:

As someone who experienced the NGE first as a later player (via free trial in it's final year), then went back to the pre-cu via the SWGMU, I prefer pre-cu. The only thing it lacks is the content and stories as you say. But the system is superior.

Currently playing on EIF (Empire in Flames) which is making improvements to the original game, some of the downfalls you spoke about the Pre-Cu. The server is RP focused but is also great for those who want to play pre-cu SWG but with an improved system, making SWG even more into what it was loved for. The class system etc, making more variety. Worth checking out for anyone interested.

Misaki Koko says:

Pre-CU was by far the best part of the game. Group TEF(temporary enemy flag) was one of the coolest and most unique systems I've ever played. The raids on Bestine and Anchorhead were always interesting since you didn't know who would jump in during PVP. If someone attacked an overt Rebel/Imperial you were grouped with, you could attack them and if they had any covert people in their group then they could also jump in.

The crafters were hit hard by CU since they needed protection to recover things from harvesters due to combat levels.

The NGE ruined and killed the game when they took away all customization options, no more Master Bounty Hunter/Master Carbineer or hybrids like Master Powers Jedi with some Force Healing/Sabers/Enhancer/Defender. No more being able to switch professions to try other things. The professions, being able use skill points to make your own hybrid builds is what was good and loved by people.

I had 2 accounts, my main was one of the first Master Bounty Hunters on Chilastra and my alt was originally a Master Doctor/Master Swordsman that later became one of the first "Village Jedi". Pre-CU is by far my favorite MMO experience

sagaciousmalice says:

Pre-Cu truthfully was the golden age of SWG. It wasn't a perfect game, but I enjoyed it the most across all three versions. The NGE was utter crap. They added a whole bunch of fluff to it, but they really gutted the core of what the game was. For every positive aspect of the CU or NGE, there were multiple drawbacks. Most of the positives they added did not require them to make the negative changes they enacted. They could have taken a re-balance approach to things instead of making huge changes, most of which were not warranted nor wanted by the majority of the player base.

Andy Taylor says:

You make a lot of sense in your comments however 2 things at least that i disagree with, (1) Fan base is important and fan feedback is just as important where we as fans felt ignored and done over, as at the end of the day its us fans that pay the subscriptions. (2) The Skill system and ability to choose what profession you can do was awesome, not having to make a new character when one wants to try something new, just put some points in that skill tree and your away. The axing of some professions also killed it for most as one of the best professions not to mention Combo's was Creature Handler. At the end of the day SWG pre NGE and way back in 2004 was a game where each one of us had freedom to choose and the jedi system was perfect as not everyone wanted to grind away the xp etc you also failed to mention about once one has unlocked there Jedi they then can not use it in sight without being put on the Bounty list, which made it very difficult to play a Jedi especially with the negative xp the Jedi got when killed.
SOE and the the people behind the SWG killed it for us SWG was more than just a game.

Ronald Brow says:

In late 2003 my friend wanted to play this. We deployed to Iraq in Feburary 2004. He was SO pissed off about that.
I thought this game was cool, especially the mystery around how to make a Jedi. Apparently once you became a Jedi everyone started gunning for you.
I tried the 2005 release when it came out. I found it unplayable. The instances monsters had an extremely high respawn rate. My party went into an instance and ground to the objective. We were being pushed back by enemies and were attacked by monsters we had JUST killed literally a minute ago. 45 minutes of work was gone. This was a new player mission. Ugh.
I would rather play as Uncle Owen and make my own story. I have the same issue with named characters in Warhammer 40k. Fantasy Flight is making the same mistake with Star Wars Legion. Let me make my own characters and forces. I don't want to play Vader or Luke.

Crocodile Whispers says:

yea this game was fucking boring

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