Deathbed Visions – Hospice Nurses Share Their Stories.

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Deathbed Visions shared by Hospice Nurses

It’s not uncommon for the dying to have visions of deceased loved ones, seeing tunnels of light and having other spiritual experiences. These hospice nurses share their experiences of what they had witnessed while in service.

Nurses Forum on Deathved Visions:


Yoo Jastle says:


Hai B Tran says:

Near dead is where the soul hanging your bed on top and is suffering and is not free to move about…
Moved around near dead may be is many be a saint….

BlueCat Blu says:

My mum was terrified of dying. My mum was very ill the last months of her life. Three months before she died she kept telling me that her brother needs to go home and that she is not going with him, she’s staying here. Her brother died 5 years earlier.

Harry Tuttle Heating Engineer says:

my wife's uncle died in the hospital. I walked in and he had already passed and his skin was beginning to change color's.While everyone began to kiss him goodbye i just sat at the foot of his bed on the floor cross legged and i was just staring at his face.It began to appear that his eyes were moving behind his eye lids, but the movement became so fast it was like a blur.I continued to watch his face and it began to look like a fog with light infused in it was pouring out of his eyes and a jacko'lantern with a very soft light and smoke was inside pouring out.After about ten minutes of this I saw a cloud forming over his bed with little sparkles in it.His mother or my grandmother in law came over and sat beside me and told me"he's over there now".I looked to the doorway she was looking at, to this day I can't remember seeing anything but the feeling was so distinct.I understand what people mean when they say presence now.That was the only time I've seen a dead body, I'm sure it won't be the last.I am so grateful for that experience because ever since i was given evidence of life after death, I am so more involved with this life now.The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself.Thank you for giving me a place to share this.

Dallas Beus says:

I was sitting with my step-father when he was passing away; I was a practicing Buddhist and he was a 7th Day Adventist. He was in extreme distress, he suffered from a lung issue and was having a hard time breathing. I was praying SILENTLY to the Bodhisattvas and angels to help him pass to the other side. In all his agony and distress he looked at me and shook his head emphatically NO. I quit praying and held his hand until he passed. What ever I was summoning he didn't want to be there. There was no mistaking the message his look and head shaking was conveying even though he could not speak. My step-father was a practical, highly intelligent WWII vet.

If you study exorcisms one of the signs of possession is if a person, actually the demon possessing the person, can sense any blessed items the priest has on his person and will react in a negative way to it. Those assisting in the exorcism must lead chaste and moral lives and have their sins effectively forgiven. Why? Because the demon will begin harassing anyone who has hidden sin, such as adultery, thievery, anything that it has access to. There are more than a few cases where helpers have been forced to leave to prevent secrets from being further exposed.

Your body is a vessel for your soul, there is a world that exists beyond this one. I have seen too many proofs of an invisible world to deny it. It is dangerous to deny it, you may be treading on thin ice with your Creator patiently waiting for you to realize you are here for a reason.

faithahora says:

To go to Heaven and not hell Jesus said you Must be Born Again = repenting of sin from your heart and receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

All young children go to Heaven no matter what.

djdrew says:

I Don’t know what brought me here… But theses stories broke my heart.

Mr Mercury says:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the human brain does this to comfort the body into death… this doesn’t prove that there is a heaven or hell… the human brain releases a flood of good memories and thoughts that can make it seem like there’s a afterlife but once the brain fully dies (which can be up to 8 minuets after the heart stops) there is nothing… you don’t even know there is nothing cause you are no longer a entity

Elsie Higgs says:

Some of them go into too much detail, intricate details of somebody else's experiences – embellished truth or downright fiction.

Jackie Bridges says:

it's all a trick dont go towards the light it's the fallen angels in the astral plane look up Wes penre YouTube videos.

Lavalambtron says:

Yep, the multiverse, you’ll just proceed smoothly from one reality to the next, it’s all energy in the end and nothing is really real except our perception of things.

Mary H says:

I've watched people die in Nursing Homes. Often they have hallucinations as their body shuts down, due to the lack of oxygen. Sometimes dying people have a sudden burst of energy before they die, also. There is no god or demons or angels. It's called REALITY.

randy johnson says:

The people that thumbs down do not believe in God or heaven……I feel sorry for them.

Hello My Name Is says:

My great great grandmother passed a couple of years ago. Very old she had lost all of her mind more or less in her life. She didnt know who any of her family was and she couldn't even recognize her (already passed husband) when we would show her pictures of him. Basically 0 memory left. As she lay in her hospital bed in her last moments with family all around she looked up and called her husband by name saying "is that you" my grandmother (her granddaughter) asked her if she saw papy and she responded I see Angel's and yes. He is here with them. She then closed her eyes and drifted away from this world.

tara rux says:

I had a really good friend that I was at a party with one night-he died tragically shortly after I left. The last thing I had said to him was, “be careful”. That night he came to me in a dream, a big smile on his face and I knew he was ok. I think it brought some peace to his family also when I told them about the dream.

Tom Thumb says:

God bless these wonderful people

Josh Blount says:

My Grandmother went to Hospice today (cancer). Early in the morning, she kept wanting to sit up, but was very weak. My dad kept telling her it's okay, just lay down and relax. She kept calling out for her aunt who passed away 15+ years ago like she was in the room and she wanted to talk to her. Her pain medication wasn't helping much and she was in distress. So, we accepted there wasn't much we could do for her and called for Hospice to take her and make her comfortable. Last I checked, she was comfortable and resting. Not sure how much longer she has. Hours? Maybe a day? While I will miss her greatly, she will be with her husband again. I find comfort in that thought.

Carol Weaver says:

When my dad passed the nurse said ( I,this how he saw angels coming to him or a figure and he was trying to catch it when going off to sleep.

Only once did I ever work with a patient that before dying was seeing and hearing frightening things. I frightened me a bit as she was saying someone was behind me , but she pointed way ahead of her and said they had Chains on and she cold hear them and could not understand why I id not notice it? She did pass that night. ( that is why we must get right with Jesus ahead of time, knowing He can give us eternal life)

My mom told me how her grandmother when passing was seeing flowers and a pathway and a little boy from the area that passed many, many years before and she gave the name of 'Benjamin, and said he was kicked down the stairs when a child by his dad, but he was all better and coming to get her, he was happy" She saw lovely things.

My mom did not die at this time but lost her first child and she was in coma as the baby was born with naval chord around his neck and she had been pregnant 10 months and in those days they did not have machines like ultrasound etc, or of any kind to help. She felt something was wrong for awhile, but the Dr said " the baby will come when ready" While in coma she heard " thy Kingdom Come" over and over again very fast as she was whirled down ad tunnel and then got to end and saw a light, and some how came back very quickly and awoke back in her body. Before it happened she did hear the Dr tell my dad " if your wife does not come back soon, you will have another funeral" Mom lived after that until 82 yrs old, but it was not her time , yet that is what she went through during the beginning of the "NDE"and told me long before we heard things about this much. She had my brother in 1946. He would have been a little older than I.

Tor says:

For parents who have lost children there is the Big Circle ;

Morgan says:

Bless every Hospice operative in all of the world, these people are on the edge and witness the end of many. Much praise and gratitude from me for caring for people i knew, wonderful

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