Devil’s Advocate: Does anyone remember Everquest Next?

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I have a feeling this video is going to make some people very angry, and cause others to scratch their heads in confusion.

That’s a good thing. Regardless of your feelings on Everquest Next, or whether or not you even remember this game, I wanted this video to start a dialogue about mmos and video game development.

What should I talk about next? Tell me in the comments!

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Joshua Cole says:

vapor ware lol

soe just fucks games up
eq1…vanguard… eq next

Allstar Studios says:

Consider this hype train ground to a fast and steady halt.

Joe Maccy says:

If I was Blizzard – I would jump on this idea and steal it for all it's worth – make another great MMO warcraft or whatever.

tiggergolah says:

Way too much hyperbole and straw man arguments here.
You're delivering an autopsy report, before the patient is dead.
It may yet die…..but even if it does, your intoning doom and gloom over it certainly doesn't help.

Artago Falcon says:

Great video. Shared!

shitass says:

am i the only one who recognised the fable music in the background?

Fun Dingles says:

is this the fable music?

theclash24 says:

I remember…IM SICK of hearing about landmark

sookyz says:

is this music from fable or something? i remember it ..

sookyz says:

kinda like starcraft ghost… that game just faded into the background before it released. it woulda been dope

The Backlog says:

Really good video, man. Congrats on your success. I've recently started really trying to make some good content too (nowhere near as good as you though hahah), hope to see you around :)

LuminescentWolf says:

Well made video, I feel your recollection of past events is told quite accurately. I've been following the development of EQN since it was a hushed rumor — before even its official debut. I've been playing EverQuest since 2002, so I had quite a bit of excitement and hope for this game.

Michael Dziengel says:

Sad to say the least. I'm selfishly re-assured that I played Dark Age of Camelot coming up instead of Everquest, and Camelot Unchained looks to be progressing nicely. They revealed the first three of 30 total classes for the three realms this very week.

It helps to have someone at the very top with sufficient passion such as Mark Jacobs. I don't follow the news all that closely, but I understand his wife is having serious health issues. Game development seems trivial in comparison, but the dedication is there.

I'm currently playing Warhammer Online Freeshard, Return of Reckoning. Thanks to the Europeans for bringing it back.

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