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With Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge being called a “flop” by many media outlets, could the rumors of Disneyland cast member layoffs be true? Meanwhile, some Star Wars fan blogs pretend everything is A-OK. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

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Joe B says:

Boycott this Disney Park fiasco. Money grabbing bastards.

Trakker1985 says:

It's been getting more and more expensive, I guess it's finally hitting the point where people are just going "lol nope". Hey though, Nintendo land soon at universal, that's a lot more generally appealing than star wars =3

Dan Chase says:

Fuck Disney. They denied a grieving father from giving his dead son a spider man themed grave and threatened legal actions if he went ahead anyway.

Masticina Akicta says:

Disney has a little problem, or a big one, some of the IP they bought isn't making them money and only cost them a lot. Soo… yeah layoffs? Sadly that is how it goes in big companies like that.

And there is still no Disney+ in sight. So that part of the support structure isn't helping out either.

I don't say that Disney doesn't make, they still do on some products and IP's but… things are not all rosey for the Deathstar shaped Mega Corporation called Disney!

James Treanor says:

Any suggestions for a new title. Star Conflict? Star Spat? And the word title has tit in it, so that won't last.

steveothehulk says:

Less crowds is better for us!! less ques less waiting that’s a win if you ask me well done Disney

James Treanor says:

I wonder when they will take the word (war) out of Star Wars because its offensive.

RocketSurgeon says:

Wonder how long the shill sites be trotting out that same excuse? "Oh, the fans are just waiting for the crowds to get smaller, they're going to come in any day now" – 2020. "Soon, it's going to be packed!!" – 2025. "Galaxy's Edge shut down, mere days before massive crowds would have shown up!" -2030.

It's ma'am says:

Democrats and California taxed people into oblivion with their socialist ideology and paying for illegals, the people don't have the money to go

Green Hat Man says:

At least they don’t try to do as the AAA industry and celebrate success with layoffs

Kylar Smith says:

Disney needs to give a POC discount!

snarky Mc snarkface says:

Disney should subvert expectations and send ruin Johnson the bill for the cast member just so they can keep honest hard working folks fully employed.

Damon Von Schweikert says:

Once I learned Galaxies Edge was only based on the Disney films I lost ALL interest.

Nathan Cobaugh says:

Nothing about this surprises me

Warren Fahy says:

Gotta say, the place looks drab and dreary like a slum. They could have put exotic alien foliage with bright colors, old school Hollywood shapes and colors for the setting and buildings. Nope. It looks pretty depressing and unimaginative. Where were the Imagineers?!

Chewie the galaxy's most handsome Wookie says:

Since they have started to attack the fans after the last jedi it was obvious galaxy's edge will fail. Not surprised and not sorry at all

Gerardo Rodriguez says:

The fans are fighting back. Failure is their greatest teacher.

Alex Pearson says:

Idea: lower the price.

For my family, to spend 4 days there, its at least $1000 just for tickets. Add in hotel, food, and merch, and either airfare or gasoline and time, and real fast its looking at $3-4000.

And Galexys Edge is in essence a shopping centre. Wheres the rides?!?!?

And who green-lit this for Disney Star Wars? Everyone ive talked to said "id rather see real stormtroopers and darth vader"

Neil Price says:

When they first opened Disneyland Paris no one went, they were hemorrhaging money, because it was far too expensive, then after months and months of them loosing money Disney relented and lowered the prices. People started to go and the park became a success. Now they have increased prices over ALL their resorts worldwide, due to dwindling attendance numbers, practically no one is going now as it's too expensive. If they lowered their prices they should get greater attendance numbers. Why would the general public go to an overly expensive holiday park, just because it is Disney, When they can spend the same amount of money at a decent, but cheaper family resort and get a far better and longer holiday?

MrECNN says:

who was hyped for the fail trilogies park??

Tatsumi Twi says:

Damn Kneon throwing some shade today! I like it.

Onyx Peroxide says:

Lowering admission prices would be a start.

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