Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Gameplay: Cloud Versus Terra

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Final Fantasy 7’s moody hero takes on the Esper from Final Fantasy 6 in a no-holds barred battle.

Special thanks to @JordanGBoyd for manning the controls!


GameSpot says:

Who's your favourite Final Fantasy character?

Joshi Nain says:

Okay here's a few things to mention for you all that think this is bad.
#1. This person is versing AI. Playing against people is much faster pace.
#2. This person clearly hasn't had much practice with the game.
#3 This is the old HUD, we already know it will be different on release.

Jaghancement says:

This game is far from slow if you know what you're doing. Cloud is a vanguard type, which is the slowest type of characters. Also he's not doing things like dash canceling out of successful bravery attacks or dashing/target switching efficiently at all. Not to mention playing against bots, so there's no team work or complexity at all in what the rest of the players are doing. Check out high level gameplay from Japan if you want to see how the game is really played, especially an assassin character like Tidus or Jecht if you want to see a faster character. (search 'クリスタル DFFAC' in youtube or look at my channel)

RDF2050 says:

I can't stop laughing at the people who whine about the game without even trying it first.

k edgar says:

this video is trash jfc at least learn to play the game before making a video. The fact you struggled against bots says it all. If anyone wants to see good gameplay search for the Japanese arcade matches.

Cameron Beach says:

Okay, if you're going to play Dissidia, might want to get a veteran in from the originals to show some good gameplay, and not look clunky. Also change out that hud, they have fixed it ya'know. Just saying you 'Gameplay' looks like someone who just buttonmashed from another fighter that is nothing like this one went to play this with the same logic.

This game is good people, Look before you leap to conclusions!

shampants says:

im glad im not the only one going around the comments trying to answer complaints

DOAN FSD says:

Hmmm, well the lack of quality in this video will speak a lot for the review I'm sure.

Remy Dolce says:

wow this is another reason people in the industry need to know how to play games

TheSilverwolf689 says:

Sigh the video needs to be redone. This footage is not at all proper representation of what the game actually is like. Go check out the Beta / Arcade footage to see what the game actually feels like

Aamra Kamran says:

Combat is intense but this video is garbage.

Aamra Kamran says:

Mate, watch players from the beta play dissida. The gameplay is fast paced and very intutive.

cc monkey says:

when the title doesn't match the content.. Terra who??

OmegaReviews says:

Whoever gamespot had playing the game is rather shit at the game. Get someone who plays on a higher tier for fuck sake

Dark Misstrust says:

Okay. Let me make some pointers here about the game here.
1. This is from the old closed beta. They have changed the hud big time.
2. They were mainly fighting bots.
3. This is not like the original Dissida games. Those were originally 1v1. Not 3v3 like this one. It is team based. It gets faster as you progress through your ranks in the beta and you get more of a challenge.
Gamespot why did you release this video after the new trailer dropped on the changes they've done? You should have shown it while the closed beta was out last month. Not release it 3 days ago. Take my advice here people. Don't trust this video because this is of the old closed beta. Always trust streamers that actually played it. They'll help you out more with judging if a game is worth buying or not by showing you how to do it with real players not bots.

One25 says:

lol, you guys are judging the game based on the fact that the dumbass behind the controller doesn't know how to play the game?

Floydthefuckbag says:

Why do huge companies always publish videos of people struggling to figure out the basic mechanics of a game?
Learn to play the game, then publish a video. This is painful to watch.

Marcos Nicolas Amoroso says:


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