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Dragon Nest 2 Legend Gameplay First look gameplay mobile MMORPG video + commentary by Omer from MMOs.com

Dragon Nest 2 Legend is a free to play mobile MMORPG developed by Eyedentity and published by Nexon. It’s based on the PC Dragon Nest franchise and features instanced dungeons with linear progression (similar to Heroes of Incredible Tales).



Taggi says:

Lol i was gonna ask if this is available in the philippines then I saw someone speaking tagalog in chat.. hahahahhaa… And there is a Dragon Nest Mobile game.. The one that looks like the PC counterpart.

LoveOlderWomen says:

This game is so generic in every aspect. I feel like I've already played this millions of times over and over with other games. The only thing unique about this game is it's name, that's all and nothing else.

ralfex milla says:

Is it available ???

Coreman Coronel says:

They murdered the art style…..

clifford eltin says:

there is no dragon nest 2 at my play store. any reason why? if u have an apk link, can you share the liink? i live in South east asia

LornMalvo says:

Fuck this shit.

Ross Leonen says:

wow wow wow. we should be able to transfer account from the DN1

Whiterun Guard says:

Mobile RPG…. Pathetic…

Milorad Cvetanovic says:

Is this game avaliable only on Korean app stores or ? i dont see it in US store

Dante Newman says:

Well obviously it look suck

Allen Drake says:

nothing beats crusaders of light

Justin Robert Serrano says:

The same like lineage.. I really hate online rpg games in mobile really suck auto attack

kukichi kamaro says:

can i trash this?

Mehmed Çavaş says:

did u left mmohuts?

zacom32 says:

kings raid better than this

Meledyne says:

Looks like shiet LOL

RikkiTV says:

hmp..dragon nest really changed its style

Oz Mauser says:

are they dumb or what??? why they put 2 in dragonest name???DN1 is better than this shiit

Jahin Stormblade says:

Ah, crap…I wanted to start with the Loli…

Chris says:

There are some huge fans out there that loved Dragon Nest that were hoping for something bigger as it's successor.
Nope, It's mobile. Ughhh.

Eric Cartman says:

Mobile…. Fuck your mobiles. fuck you new fkn generation with your faces down in that tiny fkn screen.

Shaojin says:

Still with gender locks? jeeez

zuminaguzuki says:

I like how the first Dragon Nest looked

川神 says:

the only good and true non auto action combat mobile I know is honkai impact 3, its weird that u arent even covering that, and instead this auto shit… wtf

Clorox Bleach says:

Omer your amazing if game is bad you still make video entertaining

Steve Phrasavath says:

Alright & thanks!

abbynady says:

fuck ur loli fetish…its creepin me out

Cockburn Pubes says:

You can't make a sequel on mobile YOU JUST CANT!!!

Neogeo says:

Auto play do not bother me as much as the short game stage. By short, I mean almost none existence. A genetic stage design that consist of 2 wave of trash mob and a not so bossy last wave had been done so many times that it's not even fun anymore.

badgamer212 says:

I'll stick to crusader of light for now

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