Dragon Nest Bleed Phantom Solo Gameplay Level 95

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Most of the Bleed Phantom’s skills are close-combat using the power of dark element.
Guide and SKill Build: Soon

You won’t find any of AoE skills in this spin-off class. And I think Bleed Phantom is the hardest spin-off I’ve ever played!


Jesen Hardi says:

Dragon nest, a game that needs no skill you just have to get a unique/legend equipment and with a basic knowledge of nest mechanism you can win any nest

There 3 way to get good gear
1. Play like a worker bee everyday
2. Pay some strong people to help you find unique/legend equipment in raid nest
3. Buy the equipment in the black market website

Giezzfunky FStyle says:

OH Shieet my eyeeeeees, why LOW SETTING on youtube…

Gaara Tohoshinki says:

Dark element ?

Erwan Apriyansa says:

Guide and Skill Build ? Nothing on your blog

xtuz Jerald says:

skill build please"

OddEyeMirYoo says:

Kind oddly satisfying, the is meh :V, i guess i dont like it

Budi Aries says:

Skill build plise

Бледный Всадник says:

можно музыку кторая играет

Northern Winds says:

BP looks like a combination of chaser and bringer. Not sure I like it. I was really hoping for an Ice-based assassin spin-off class.

Chuck Nourrizzz says:

what a bullshit description. This class has so many AOE skills even though it slow to cast.
Pls change ur description

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