Dragon Nest – Character Creation Screen (2017) (New Screen/New Dark Class)

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Welcome to Dragon Nest!

I’m Zekyga I’m Youtube Commentator who loves playing MMORPG Games.

Zekyga why are you doing another Character Creation video. Well for starters this is a completely different version from the last on we have a whole new character added to the Dark class family Arch Heretic (Cleric). I’m very excited. Also I’m kinda late on adding a the video, but it’s still worth wonders seeing a new class.

If you like that game so far O know haven’t made a gameplay yet, but trust me it’s actually quite fun to play.

Dragon Nest Link: http://us.dragonnest.com/Events/Welcome/

Don’t doubt the game because it’s gender-locked like i did which basically ruins your whole experience of trying new game out.
Give it a shot and please leave a comment on how you feel about the game :3

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gabriela nanescu says:

It work on Windows 10 ? I tried , but launcher failed . Can u help me pls ?

Fads says:

Is this game still alive?

Sazuko says:

stream this game man we need to revive this game lul

Sazuko says:

add me if you play on eu "Sazukoo"

muham morpi says:

i cant even make new account. i tried loging into my cherry credit acc and resend the vertification email, it said "wrong id or password" duh ? wtf

Not Jp says:

is anyone else having a problem where when you create a character and click "Create" the character isnt created and you cant go back ? I waited 30 minutes but its just stuck there, the screen isnt frozen or anything. it just wont let me create it or back.

Yasu-Sama says:

aww sad, i use to play dragon nest but it too few play like 1000 or 200 in my sever sad

Abil Abil says:

nama id dan pswt ku apa…?

The Goon says:

Hair – eh – tick
are you dyslexic?

OoKa Mizu says:

hey have u got the same prob like me ? When i go on my char and select the canal the game crash

james9532 says:

Can we still create dark classes now?

Dark Disgea says:

i hate that people said this game copied tera when its completely different. the combat is also very polished in dragon nest. while in tera you'll be button mashing on the keyboard sometimes. i dont know why, but people do this. plus this game dragon nest came out first.

ei seu bunda mole says:

maior copia do tera q ja vi

HeadStrong says:

No, nothing, but this game is already imitating tera

EBoy says:

How do you download it

Anon_Bunny says:

Broooo Wassup?!

Cribbib alibba says:

I know its 2 months later but I hope changed your smoke alarm batteries for the love of god. That being said thanks for the vid.

Zephyr Wolf says:

Light Bringer is OP

Pyroo says:

I have a dark avenger and a Silver hunter… I cannot make a arch heretic for some odd reason.. can you please help me understand because I would love to play this class.


its dragon nest eurp version?

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