[Dragon Nest CN] Gladiator Solo Lv.95 Volcano Nest (Improved Gameplay)

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Basically, I am not very satisfied with my gameplay in the previous VN HC solo run. So, I decided to do a better version in the normal mode. Similarly, this run is done with No Death/No Potion/No Hero. By the way, I took a Muffin before the run.

For this run, I did it more aggressively and at the same time, maintained almost zero HP loss throughout the entire run (except for the last part where I eat a Stomp due to my careless mistake). Overall, I believe this video illustrates the gameplay for Gladiator in Volcano Nest.

➤ My Stats (In Town):
HP: 1,481,064
STR: 60,440
Attk Power: 208,393
Critical: 410,776 (43%)
Light Attack: 37.02%
Final Damage: 2,980 (6%)

➤ DPS Meter: http://imgur.com/a/WMEx7


Julius Ticoalu says:

wow GGWP 🙂

Kenneth Ryan Dy says:

How much your agi sir?

Dicky Andriyansyah says:

why your action speed can so fast ? i'm gladiator too but never that fast

Tasle Fitsur says:

Awesome gameplay xD

Warren Returan says:

What's your haircolor sir?

vincent c says:

Hey bullet, for front shove/ forward thrust, do you think there's a major difference between forward and back in terms of damage?

maverick tabor says:

Would it be better if u use ld before using hd or fa ex/ins??

Rune Rocker says:

Capping critical is my first priority for every cap but seems like I will be totally ignoring it this time around…

Ridwan Ansori says:

Skill build please, and why used FA for early bar –a

NF says:

At Lavanok stage where he did the rotating breath mechanic, the crocodiles disappear one by one. That's new, right?

James Paraiso says:

ah the return of vn. The nightmare dungeon back in 80 cap -_-

selami32 says:

great playing well done

Omniz says:

your gear? did you used lv 95 gear?

Cold Feeling says:

song list plz

Dragonuv says:


Thorne says:

What costume?? Looks luke a warrior bad wolf costume?

SavagePlayzMC says:

Do you feel that the bosses in VN norm have almost the same HP with GN's (norm)
Also, do you have LIDN gears for you to be able to reach 60k str? I only have 47k str in town and 236k pattk /w 51% light and 2.6k FD

Geeta covers says:

give me any advice atleast to reach 55k STR. i got 3pcs RDNL and rune STR sword+12 but my attack still stack in 120k

Geeta covers says:

how fast is your movement speed?

malik al says:

what the song?
and Nice run

Kazehaya 16 says:

Awesome gameplay! :O
p.s. which hair color is that? o_o

Tornesol Zetari says:

Dat finisher o.o

Gian04 P says:

Nice gameplay man, can you tell whats new cap stats? i see you put 410k crit = 43% where at cap 80 120k crit = 89%, cap 90 220k = 89% and cap 93 330k = 89%, i see that i think 'wtf', when i went to the dn gear simulator i saw that for cap 95 FD cap is 14.9k and crit cap is 930k, i dont actually want to believe this xD

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