Dragon Nest EU – Seleana lv93 – Solo Abyss Gameplay

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Quick solo gameplay video of my lv93 (= max level) Seleana (fire mage) running a lv93 dungeon at Abyss difficulty.

Boss: 2:54
Gear: 3:42

Dragon Nest Europe:


Jess Matthijs says:

Looking good there,you actually made me play this game now.Hope to become good as you.I'll start with a firemage then also 😀 wish me goodluck!

Tetsuya Kuroko says:

Hey FrozenSniper, I was surprised that you're still uploading videos XD I am one of your fan when we were playing FlyFF back on 2009 and so. May I ask? I see you have passion on playing games because you're always good at those even in DN, did you spent any money in this game? My server (Asia) sucks because it's hard to play when you don't spend cash money to buy item on the item mall :/ Thank you~ and Happy new year also ^^

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