Dragon Nest Korea : Bleed Phantom Gameplay Lv. 34 (Assassin Spin Off Class)

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CanduGame says:

build for this class please

Moru says:

Can you showcase your PvE Skill Build for Bleed Phantom when you're Lvl. 95? 🙂

jing ci says:

skill % review?

Rahul Chatterjee says:

What is his main stat? Agi+str like the other assassins?

7200itnoel says:

Seem boring so far.. in my opinion. The regular assassing classes seem better still. So slash skills are too.. generic -_- its like most spin offs are recycling each other's slashing skill. Justbwith different colors kinda.

Just That Jamaican says:

It looks so painfull to level this.

Фёдор Смирнов says:

What is his main weapon?scimitar or dagger?

Fashan Atif says:

But this character abilities…. AW and Ripper , they doesn't make it like a new character. I more prefer dark avenger than this class

JeJe Arra says:

Haaat chya chya heyaaa! hua chyaa khuraaa!

Raleigh Oliver Abercrombie says:

well good luck bro

Raleigh Oliver Abercrombie says:

I think that I will enjoy assassin spin-off class now 。。。it looks way cooler than some other spin-off classes

Unknown Exile says:

Are u playing in korea???

Reuizi says:

that loading screen give me a spook

t kiriyaza says:

action speed skill slow? TwT

Dark Xerxes says:

ArcHeretic Assassin version

dauh10 says:

he doesnt need specific main weapon does he?

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