Dragon Nest Korea – Flurry Awakening PVE Gameplay

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Serssius says:

can dragonnest play at 60fps now?

Siclox03 says:

that rainbow skill doesnt fit at all XD

Aj Pabebz Siao says:

I wish they make there Special Skill Ex

bobby bob says:

gan, bikin video tentang stats dragon jade 95 dong dari epic ampe legend. penasaran x status2 jadeny soalny kata org beda2. thankss be4 🙂

Edrick Alcantara says:

I always anticipated your uploads, flurry awakening looks good. Did SB loses double detonation for piercing spikes?

Fadli Dili001 says:

headbutt nya otomatis tuh atau ada tombol khususnya?

newandre barlihalim says:

gk keluar keluar itu rom awk ESCD nya :v kawokawoawkowak

Jackie Lai says:

Awk Headbutt basically gives you the second dice to roll for weakness proc… well that’s a little redundant but pretty cold i guess

Jackie Lai says:

Wow so it wasn’t only two puppets
That’s wicked cool
It gives you a form of field control other than the enlarged scar maker

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