Dragon Nest Oracle Elder / Freya Gameplay | Low Equipment Challenge Level 95

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Oracle Elder or Oracle Freya is the spin-off class of Kali in Dragon Nest game.
Skill build & guide: http://dyweiworld.com/dragon-nest-oracle-elder-freya-tips-guide/
I’m using the low equipment, as usual, to challenge myself whether I can use Oracle Elder properly or not.


MrScreamingSilence says:

If that's low equipment, then what am I wearing…?

chad deinger says:

Ah, I can see that you have the costume as well. In SEA we also get the costume if we lvl it to 95 before end of patch

Ultheus says:

Can i ask the costume stats? and is it permament or just days? thanks

Justin Playz says:

Is your costume are the reward one?

shon aga says:

Your low equipment challenge . Need s to be done more , even by others

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