Dragon Nest PvP Gameplay HD

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NeSa says:

u got some lags and u are very bad for pvp …

Jegannesh Sivasharen says:


Jegannesh Sivasharen says:


reikhavok says:

remotay is a dick

Egg0Wafflebuns says:

this fight is hilarious there both so bad XD

nozo mashii says:

either archers sucked back then, or spunk does 😛 i could beat omer easily

Ali Salih says:

is blade and soul out yet ?

Bag says:

How about Perfect World International ?

ayameko takumi says:

Wich channel s pring west Ho,y

Ahmed Khaled says:

It really is, ESO Got Changed and they want E-Bucks For everything. This Game has the best pvp ive seen so far.

overcell451 says:

And warriors are not as op as archer your.just not high lvl enough

overcell451 says:

Lol I wish I could pvp u

tigerfanman says:

well, its not a serious mmo, and i was talking strictly about the action gamplay

The Zorak says:

And this strange knockdown system.

The Zorak says:

If you don't mind the gay looks, the lame dungeons and no open world at all…

tigerfanman says:

blade and soul is a point and clicker… not action like this

tigerfanman says:

i garantee the action in this game will be better then ESO

Maia Moen says:

majorly dissadvantage, cause the lv 30 would have 4-5 times mroe skills, and faster cd on theyr dodge and easier to chain…its just not gear based, i saw some lvl 40 people who got owned by a lv 27 pally, he was the best comboer ever 😀

BiffySpunks says:

even today, dragon nest is not pay2win. not in the slightest. The cash shop remains aesthetic based. Even protection jellies and approval stamps, tho they can be bought from cash shop, they can just as easily be bought using gold in the market place from people who want to spend the money to buy them with cash. Nexon also offers numerous opportunities to get jellys and stamps 😀

Jardian says:

Omer u don't do moar commentary 🙁

shadowsniper93611 says:

i play dn just cause of pvp lol

Oldboy DayLewis says:

Im like, stuck like on the floor like, …. like forever like…

The Sniper Pro says:

vs me im lvl 20

GlennyOnPC says:

how to do that?

jordanazerad123 says:

what happend to this friendship??? I wish mmohut went back to the way it was… maybe omer will also join MMO****

Ty Crane says:

I'm stuck at the signup…

It says that my e-mail account is invalid? What the hell?

burl esque says:

spunk is so raging haaha

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