Dragon Nest SEA Academic Gameplay

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Struck by a mysterious accident during her time-travel, the Academic is currently stuck in a child-like state. Don’t be fooled by her cute appearance though, because this sassy lass has access to the most cutting-edge future tech weaponry, giving her devastating firepower.

Besides blasting enemies to smithereens with her deadly Cannons and popping carnage with her Bubble Gun, the Academic can additionally call upon her trusty robot companion Alfredo to beat her enemies down to a pulp!

The Academic arrives in Dragon Nest SEA 24 April 2012!

Official Website: http://dn.cherrycredits.com/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/dragonnestsea


Blue Ocean !! says:

I think : If you are not good at melee , keep HP or inclined to want to keep playing , you should choose a boss battle engineer ( power back for quite some time , ATK Cog normal , but defense are very very very Good, you do not need to fight.Engineer with many techniques summon robots , robots that will help you fight when your Hp too bad , you will have enough time to recover , or if you can not fight the BOSS , the robot will help you .
Alchemist :if you are good at melee , strike hard , you should choose alchemist ( Defensive good , good attack but this character don't have the flexibility of the Engineer ( no robot ) so despite good defense Alchemist though there is still less than the Engineer on about this !

jennifer emmanuelle says:

_ me gusta mucho dragon nest

Nijile Young says:


Nijile Young says:

Nice vid

Syafico Zikrano says:

Alchemist /engineer so cute

Mato says:

Is this eu servers?

Arnaud Seels says:

whats the best alchemist or engineer?

Flandre Scarlet says:

I love this class just epic and cute not to mention the BANG! XD

Emoticons says:

Kawaiiii (^__^)/

Chee Hong says:

who is it ?

rezeil redula says:

i love academic! than other character

Raphael Conterno says:

they have robot duck that EXPLODE THINGS
i need to play this game NOW

Shin Lee says:

SEA means South East Asia if im not mistaken ^^

Liraz Peer says:

Got problems downloading ,,,,

Chef Tonberry says:

Whats the difference between Dragons Nest SEA and Dragons Nest?

Cybonetics says:

in mmorpg, assassin is always under thief's category

acik YOLO says:

dededeeded….not tattatataa.. ^^ ..that y im play physician..

Samir Rai says:

Oh cool, what if the dancer buffs the allies when she attacks.

kr15t14n says:

alchemist! alchemist is amazin in both pvp and pve! im so glad with the class that i make her my main right away.

Nougat Bar says:

Thiefs can become sins~
besides they both use daggers in every generic anime inspired mmorpg :p


like a accretia striker
in RF online or Momo at BoF 3

Samir Rai says:

Kali is kind of dual wield, but not exactly thief since she uses magic. Maybe her other sub class is like a thief with physical.

destructorhippie says:

I heard maybe around the last week of August or October.

xLollipopDream says:

assassin's and thief's are different =3=

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