Dragon Saga Gameplay – First Look HD

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http://mmohut.com/review/dragonica-online for Dragon Saga reviews, videos, screenshots and more. Dragon Saga is a 3D side scrolling Action MMORPG published by Gravity Interactive.

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muha aimie says:

aww miss my character in dragonica the old version T^T

Bread Doggo says:

Dragon saga in my opinion is the most unnoticed game, though this game has some of the best aspects an rpg can offer. Among all rpg i played this is the least pay to win game, you don't need to buy costume because they really show your items although i will also bought as giving credit to the devs, the world is wide and is not restrictive unlike dragon nest, cute char..maybe that's the reason they shut down back then, 🙁 because they don't earned much money other than most rpg's because devs dont milk the game..i hope they will not shut it down like the dragonica before :((

DarkRaffy says:

dragonica in pvp = <3

Aditya Pratama says:

this game copy from dragonica?

Lucifer love jeusus says:

gonna play this…2016..downloading

chevajuana oo says:

lol i miss this old version 🙂

marcuspvxea says:

was one of my favorite games back at 2009 because of the side action possibility

Jayzztasm says:

It's look like Grand Chase XD

WookieLemon says:

Now i read the comment and dragon saga is dragonica its was sold to warp portal and when warp portal brought it they rename the game. You can still play it. you can download it from steam or on dragon saga website. Hope this will stop the discuss

Renan Fernandez says:

This game remember me Lunia Z

WarBoy says:

All I can concentrate on are the loud bashing of the spacebar noises!

Rosefina Gao says:

Thanks you!! im new and this video helped a lot ! 🙂 and lmao ur funny comments now and then throughout the video :3

TeamJinxed JinxedMev says:

R.I.P. Dragonica -Original of This Game

kiyablaise says:

Love this game =D Played for ages and it's great to play.

子花 says:

is it dragonica?!

Skull Nguyễn says:

please check your id

benj legaye says:

is it normal i whas playing this game and in the first quest i whas lvl 3 so ? 

mscraftyperson says:

First it was called Dragonica by THQice

Internet Omatic says:

this game looks like it's been made for 13-year-olds with aspergers.

John Baldwin says:

its like chrono blade

Cromwell says:

fukkkkkk this game is so empty now 🙁

T-PaiiNz says:

Am i supposed do create a new charakter? Have already on dragonica a lvl 55 it is deleted now?

Belle Ace says:

Oh! Thank God dragonica is still here. Thought that it was gone when I can't find it.

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