Dragon Saga PvP – Dragoon vs Sentinel Gameplay

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Dragonica PvP // Dragon Saga PvP – Dragon Saga Dragoon vs Sentinel Gameplay


1. Chillstep Yiruma – River Flows In You (Skullee remix)


2. Nomyn – Daydreamer

3. EvenS – Tell

4. KsTBeats Dim


his Social Media

• Gaming: https://www.youtube.com/KsTZockt
• Facebook: http://facebook.com/OfficialKsT
• Twitter: http://twitter.com/KstBeats
• Instagram: http://instagram.com/officialkstbeats

I didn’t make the music, so if you liked it, go on his youtube channel, subscribe and like his videos.

Music and Footage in this Video is not from ME, i just recorded the footage from the Game Dragon Saga.
If you want me to remove any music please write me an email.


Smind N.Ayuthaya says:

lol pro dagon wtf

Сергей Бородушкин says:

What's a stupid combo? You make only 30% of paladin's damage…

HazeForgotten says:

WOW i love your combos man can you share your skill build?

DarkRaffy says:

dark warrior set is the best bro n good video gameplay<33

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