Dragonica – Thief Gameplay Trailer

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Thief Gameplay Footage from Dragonica, the free online action MMORPG available now in English, French and German at http://dragonica.gpotato.eu

Download the game client today at http://en.dragonica.gpotato.eu/Download/Client.aspx and register with the gPotato.eu portal to get started!

You can get further information on the game at http://www.facebook.com/DragonicaEN or http://twitter.com/dragonica_en


Manefest says:

was fun .. )':

Angelo Kalfas says:

i come from the future to tell you that this game is dead

MrNaturerune says:

there needs to be a server in u.s. 😛 i really love this game, but the delays kill me! cant use thief or archer cuz there are skills that have tttteeerrrrriiibbbbllllleeee delays!

David says:

lol 1:13 box of shinramyun noodles that is box is an actual noodle brand in korea xD

MisterGufs s says:

i like Pahfinder

Dxc13 says:

@sackboy39 it is they have these weird prepaid cards u can get and i dont know what there for

Dxc13 says:

@St1ckm3npwn sorry to say dude but its lvl 40 and im pretty shure its really hard to get (im level 21 hunter)

Johann Aurelius says:

What level do you get to become a ninja? (Ima theif lvl 8)

x3iDREAM says:

hahas Dragonica the game kinda werid but i will try to play now installing (:

Darth Geese says:

nah archer for me tho
i dealing with him frist tho

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