Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) | Shintao Monk | Fresh Start on the Cannith Server!

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Brycen Morrison says:

do you still play?

Murrfle says:

They revamped the starting zone a few years ago. It runs much smoother now. Still some room for improvement, of course, but better than things had been.

I recently started over on Wayfinder after being away for 4 years. Wanted to get in to the game again, but didn't want to think about having to respec my old characters. I might switch back to Cannith, though, the community on Wayfinder is a bit small for my liking.

Kimisaru says:

Is the game still Instanced base or is it now Open world like EQ2/WoW etc? and not that you go to a portal to a instance for a quest and that the zone is small?

Shadowwolf146 says:

Hey kaz did you realise that some parts of the stream your cam was a bit laggy

Tam Crude says:

DDO is a great game that for some reason I never played as much as I should have. Combat is a bit floaty and it's instance based but apart from that I cant fault it. Maybe I should give it another look myself as I'm burnt out on my other mmos. BTW DDO still has quite an active YouTube community. Worth doing a quick search.

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