E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV Gameplay E3 Trailer (FF15 ) 【HD】

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Square-Enix finally revealed two long-awaited games as yesterday’s E3. One was Kingdom Hearts III. I really dig Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, but have ignored all the filler games except for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, which was the reason I ignored all the other games. Still, I’ve been holding out hope for the true sequel, but now that it’s actually happening, I’m conflicted. Will I have to play 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, Re:coded, and Dream Drop Distance to understand the plot of KH 3? Also, after not having played KH 2 since 2005, I wonder if I’ll still be enchanted by the franchise.

Then there’s Final Fantasy XV, formerly Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a game that was announced seven years ago, and apparently stuck in development hell forever. Instead, it was being redesigned for the next generation consoles, and looks just as silly as any other JRPG. I mean that in a complimentary way. I used to straight-up love JRPGs because of Final Fantasy VII, but now I enjoy them for their exaggerated worlds and overly-wrought melodrama. Going by the trailer, it looks like XV involves warring kingdoms and magical crystals, which is great because it’s not like Final Fantasy has done that 6 or 7 times. Hit the jump to check out both trailers. Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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this vision we dreamed of will return in VERSUS!

prince noctis King says:

this game looks better then the one We have ffxv

Jefferson Santos says:

2018 and I'm still waiting for this game.

Please, Square Enix, make Final Fantasy Verus XV and give us the game originally planed as Versus XIII, with Stella, Etro, the invasion with us in it and everything else!

Zacx says:

The last scene 3:26 are changed to jungle instead of underground parking lot.. Lol

storm pooper says:

Team ninja and crapcom ftw and a little deep silver touch from a pole dancer. MO may cry…

Jeffrey Woofman says:

I still can't believe Square Enix didn't add me in this game!

PiousPuddle says:

so in the beginning we would have been fighting for insomia before it was destroyed and we were defending our home and its combat was actually more developed then the final product.not only that but the game was unfinished and we all know the disaster that was the royalty edition and of course the fucking updated story and play as ignis, glaido, and promto and a shit load of content that came way later. (we had to wait a year for a chapter selection menu, and almost 2 for a overall better chapter 14) honestly this game should not have been released in 2016 and worked on a little bit more because i feel ripped off. i didnt buy the game to beta test it, i brought it to enjoy the full experience (i was a day one buyer) next time square enix, finish your games before you release them. I would have been a lot more happy if this wasn't the case and we waited a few more years, i mean look what happened with final fantasy dissisa NT. glad i dodged that bullet. should have developed it better by putting more time and FUCKING FINISHING IT

Kertas Kecil Voyager289 says:

is this console's fault? because console cant handle that much physchx and detail they downgrade it?

Roxas Ryuga says:

This is so different from the game now. Luckily the game are way better

Nguyễn Đạt says:

TFW literally none of this is in the final game.

SCRollNinja says:

wonder what did they did with this project ! this all looks like something that was a part of chapter 8 ..

Rougamaru says:

That awkward moment when some of us realize that watching this is more entertaining than playing the actual game.

Javier Crespo says:

man I wonder how they did it so the camera would stay at a nice and comfortable distance from the player at all times… truly gross right? glad they changed that up

Cosmic Wolf says:

SIgh….to think the same team who did 15 is handling the remake for 7, with parts of it cut to make 3 episodes out of it. Good luck with that square.

Bianca Aletti says:

*sobs in mourning *

AceGodz says:

If only this was the game

Scoucher mac says:

I’ve waiting 10 years for this and I get to play tomorow!

Quay says:

in the game there's only insomnia in the night

sajida jabeen says:

This Battle System So better than Final one idk That one good But this Feels Better

Ken Taylor says:

Still waiting for this game to be released

Alex MYL says:

They should have have keeped all those reaction comands in the final game, but at least character swiching returns soon

Endsteel says:

I'm still waiting for this game

Stephanie Garza says:

Ignis: Where the hell am I?!

Binh TC Nguyen says:

will any of this be dlc?

Midgard Astel says:

what game is this? because this isn't what I played

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