Efficient Ironman Series: Episode 27 | Kicking off 2019! [Runescape 3]

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This is episode 27 progress of my Efficient Ironman series.

Vindicta mini-trip – https://youtu.be/NXKR8QX-__Y

Full Ironman Playlist: http://yt.vu/p/PLkedjeWym9anFx4LGIWZ2aKtp-FNRA1P_

New Ironman Tips: https://youtu.be/xU83nwZEyXk

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hardstyle542 says:

If you que vulnerability before the boss spawns and start attacking it, it should cast it straight up instead of having the awkward standing around. Works when you cast sunshine aswell, just que it when it's casting and shouldn't feel as bad. Nice vid tho 🙂

mykemphetamine says:

you sound like my future baby daddy

johnny ryan says:

Still efficient even after sucking at PVM. Where u haters at?

Cuddly Zebra says:

When I was learning Resonance, I had very simple key binds for it. I just had number 1 for my shield, and number 2 for resonance ability and number 3 for my main weapon. When it was time to use resonance, I would just hit 1+2 in order quickly and would always get it.

With Vindicta in the second part of fight, the attacks go melee-ranged-melee before she flies away to lay the fire. To stay on the safe side wait for the first melee attack and then do the resonance and just wait. You might lose out on a basic ability or two in that time frame, but this will get you to understand the timing.

benny wong says:

I hope Jagex reduces switchscape. lul.

Sylvester Pedersen says:

Watch muncles vindicta guide.. she does flames every 3 hit i believe. So u need to move before she does flames

Sylvester Pedersen says:

Uhm.. how the hell is it you are doing vendicta lol. Just use a shield and reso the range hit and switch to devo next time etc etc. U take no damage at all..

Rik Schaaks says:

Using full manual will improve your resonance timing a ton. Just try practising on dummies for a couple hours.

Zodiia RS says:

You seem to be keybinding the wrong things,

Try keybind 3 basic abilities, with (A) (S) (D),
(Shift+A) ultimate, (Shift+S) threshold 1, (Shift+D) threshold 2

F as resonance, then manually click your shield and tap your keybind, looks like you’re spending to much time CLICKING abilities when you should keybind them,

Hope this helps you learn brother

Denied User says:

im also a noob pvmer the thing that really helped me is keybinds, not necessarily good ones for anyone who knows what they are doing but anything that works, helps
i did say ZXC for shield, reso, main wep again, for spec VBN for guthix staff, spec, main wep, yes 2 main wep doesnt matter, just remove them later and M for vuln, things like that

IProvoked1 says:

all bosses are hard to get good at, just gatta keep trying to build that muscle memory

Mackin994 says:

you should try to make a point of using your keyboard for your abilities instead of clicking

jason chen says:

Ngl puretppc sounded so bland. This one is much better. Good new years resolution.

Tank_factor says:

Let it be you auto attak

Tank_factor says:

Use voluntarablity after sunshine

fat pug gaming says:

how do i join your ironman clan ?

TopGunRS says:

just practice lol

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