Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited PC First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

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The Elder Scrolls Online was initially released on PC in 2014 and had a rocky launch to say the least, one year later I decided to check out TESO as someone that’s never played Oblivion or Skyrim as the game’s now a buy to play MMORPG, I condense 9 hours worth of gameplay down into 22 minutes to help you decide if It’s worth playing as a potential alternative to World of Warcraft.


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In this video I take a look at the recently buy to play MMORPG called The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited on the PC and give you guys my first impressions to help you decide if it’s a game worth picking up. I played the game for around 9 hours and condensed my thoughts and experienced into about 22 minutes, Could The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) be a good alternative to World Of Warcraft? Watch the video until the end and make up your own mind.

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Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited PC First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”


Khagan says:

This is such an interesting beautiful game.

Patricia Lavery says:

Meh,PVP didn't impress me after Archeage.It doesn't make allowances for level yet I went into places with my guild where I was way outleveled.You had to be smart.

Patricia Lavery says:

Dude in TES at least in Skyrim if a guy in a robe gets hit in the face it hurts,Yes you should Block.XD.If I ever can get the money I might try it again.Can't afford Subscriptions right now.

Jairus Strunk says:

it's even better now that levels don't matter that much. go where you want. do what you want ad it'll scale everything around you to your level so theres always a challenge but your not locked to any region

Desmund Bear says:

I bought this game the year it was released, spent $60 and had fun for a few days until an update came and made my laptop unable to play it because I didn’t have dx11 🙂 haven’t played it since but I CAN FINALLY use that $60 money to good use with a new laptop

JS Gaming says:

When he went to pvp I was just thinking don't go off alone if you do clench your ass cheeks

Capn Crunch says:

Are you still playing this game? I bought it two weeks ago and have been addicted. I’m already at cp190

Jaylocs 205 says:

One of the best mmo I've played

MrJuise22 says:

Old good times in eso when Skill>gear and skill>numbers in pvp and game was able to run over 10 fps, lag was still terrible

As Expected of Pieck says:

I'm literally clicking on every video to find out whether ESO has a singleplayer mode where you can run around without players, cause i rarely get too use the WI-FI so i need to know whether it's true or nah, cause i wanna get the game.

danysoultakerftw says:

At 14:19 anyone thought about parkhourse or was it just me?

AdikMusic OfficialTM says:

super mario LOL 1:43

nick harmer says:

Breton are half elves my dude


How he said khajiit made me cringe

Choza de thunder says:

500 hours and still love it, it's a no brainer why it's on the top big mmos right now.

Bongo The Gipsy says:

19:3419:40 You should try mount and blade

Bongo The Gipsy says:

can you give us your pc specs?

M M says:

The game has largely evolved since its first buggy & laggy stages.

Ist Archimedes says:

Not catapult but a trebuchet

zak freer says:

love you peon but your not very good at reading english

Pariah says:

I personally didn't care for ESO that much but Skyrim is amazing.

Lucky says:

lol when he bites is hand

Darkest Zed says:

Forsaken World impression plz

Beetlejuice says:

OH Mr.Peon, could you re-visit the game please?!

ReyProduction says:

The quests ive been doing is mostly go back and forth and talk to NPCs. Pretty Damn boring. The rewards have been useless cause it doesn't match me. Graphics are decent. Everything is voiced but most of it is boring so i just skip it. No armor transmutation like gw2 which is a bummer cause its sometimes either awesome looking gear or shitty gear with good stats Not bad but not as good as guild wars 2 imo. Weird that he didnt complain about the back and forth quests. For 9 dollars I cant complain too much.

Scominggreger says:

eso is even better now. I was expecting you to not like this game but I was pleasantly suprised watching this. too bad you mainly play BDO which imo is a shit game when ESO is so underrated and better in every category. the only thing BDO has going for it is the combat and even then you still only use about 5-10 skills in BDO when in ESO you use 12 , 2 of them being ultimates. maybe even the gathering but you're limited by energy points and that shit gets old.

Mr. MacGrory says:

I understand that this video was uploaded a long time ago, and that you sadly weren't into TES to begin with. But being that my absolute favorite race in TES is the Breton, i feel that i would be doing an injustice by not pointing this out. The Bretons are not the "standard human" they are in fact descended from both Men and Mer, explaining their slightly but noticeable pointed ears. Their elven blood is slightly diluted, due to their ancestors intermingling with the Nordic population in Skyrim and High Rock. Bretons are sometimes called "Manmeri" as a result of the interbreeding, literally translating to 'man-elf'. Although their Aldmeri ancestry is shadowed by their appearance, they still inherit the magical affinity of their elven blood. Their physical features resemble their Nedic ancestors, including their pale skin tone and the obvious physical resemblance to Imperials/Nords, but some still inherit the frail, sharp appearance of the elves, along with the arrogance, and as i previously mentioned, the majority of Bretons do have slight points to their ears. The fictional 'Breton' race is based on the 'Celtic Britons' of Northwestern Europe who lived all over the British Isles, Northern France and Belgium. In fact much of the real modern day Bretons from Brittany are descendants of migratory Celtic Britons (as late as 900 A.D.). This is reflected in the Elder Scrolls Universe by the English sounding surnames that the majority of Bretons living in High Rock possess, fictional Bretons also have many Gaelic, Gallic, French and Celtic sounding surnames. And again, i know that this video is old, but i simply put this forward so that people who have never had the luxury of experiencing TES would know. If you got this far, thanks for reading.

lakkakka says:

Nothling like a sorcerer 2 handed berserker

Chimpalicious Jones III says:

ESO update – Champion lvl players are all in newbie zones farming raw materials and newbies are trying to tank dungeons with a destruction staff.

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