Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough Part 1 – INTRO! (Ps4/Xbox One CO-OP Gameplay 1080p HD)

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Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG CO-OP walkthrough with MacximusPrimus 🙂

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Mr. Carrot says:

Is this the Elder Scrolls v?

CBJ Jackets on the power play says:

Enough with your fucking likes.


dathi de nogla? is that u?

Halo117Fan says:

F this, F that….grow up.

Shadez124 says:

14:18 that laugh though

Goku 101 says:

do u have any free things giving away i would like to hav them plz

sir chickenslayer says:


Dakota Donaldson says:

Need clairvoyance ?

Nolan Voit says:

Dude nothing is better on console

Brendan Miller says:

the coldharbour sentinel looks like the eye of Sauran from lord of the rings

Albert Nada says:

Lizard guys are the best. Breath underwater, and amune to poisoning. Rock on you cold blooded bastards.

Albert Nada says:

Does Lynda Carter do the voice of the Norm Queen in the online game?

_Dylan- _James2018- says:

Wtf happend to skyrim after elder scrolls 5? this is barley skyrim

Skykid 36 says:

Can you do something funner

Nightlife Vegas says:

Wasn't this originally a mod?

Dom Fulton says:

Just got this game now thank you will continue watching niw

WhereYouGoIGo says:

Guys I want to buy skyrim but I don't know what's the difference between this version and the special edition version. Can someone please explain it to me?? Should I buy both? Or they're totally diff?

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