Elsweyr Review – The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO Gameplay)

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ESO Elsweyr Review for The Elder Scrolls Online!
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KarmaEquilibrium's power says:

dragon fight looks boring to be honest,is it like that for all combats? you just shoot it from far away and it barely move lol its not acting like a dragon lol why is it on the ground it has wings it will naturally try to burn people from the sky.

SkyTrooper 501st says:

I would like to be a Dragon. 🙂

Noel Z says:

I wish i would've known how poorly designed ESO was before I bought all the content. It's great fun, until you put in 40 hrs, have all appropriate gear, and still have not progressed at all in terms of how much damage you deal to any enemy. I.E. my toon was a lvl 40 and i realized when i went back to the first zone i started in, trolls were still able to kill me, and common ads were not dying with any faster, so wtf is the point of spending time and effort into leveling, acquiring gear etc, if you never get stronger? LUL, FAIL

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