*End Times-Prophecy, Dreams & Visions*

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Jacosta Lester says:

Why are all of these people winking? And why is time so strange and why does no one seem surprised?

Truth Teller says:

Putting all religous aside, the unseen mummified soul of the king of the darkness, Dajjal aka Antichrist residing in the fleshes of mankind to destroy each other within the same species wisphering hatred, jelousy, revange and blasphemious conducts. Most mankind are lock and entrapped in darkness unable to walk out and free themselves. The dark kingdom is within the flesh of the wicked and sinners. The kingdom of the light and righthousness are within those who purify and walk the walk with clean heart and good deeds. Knock the door and back to where they belonged to. 6 more years where everything will come to pass. The weakened universe with all of her current brutal upside down weather will change the earth like never seen before. It will end up with a universe that not be the same as what we knew before. After all these, there will be Judgement for everyone followed by the separation of the good crops and the weeds where the weeds will be burnt.
What will happen next?
1.When the day of judgement comes out of sudden, all mankind turn panic.
2. The clouds above them will turn to sudden darkness and there will be a heavenly entity come down from the cloud entering every soul of mankind. The panic increases and all souls of mankind will tremble in chaos.
3. Mothers do not know what to do, forgetting herself and their children. Walk and run in all directions. Panic and trembling.
4. The wicked, the sinners and the uncleans will no longer be able to differentiate between the taste of salt and flour when both are mixed together in a bowl. For the righthousness who are walking the walk purifying themselves returning to Allah The Most Purest The Most Merciful will be able to taste both of the flour and the salt from the same bowl.
5. They are the one who wise, passing the test and escaping all. May Allah still has mercy on all Mankind.i

Marlin Juslon says:

Immaculate and wonderfully fulfilling what you speak message. Bravo my dear friend. Much love and light

Cherrie Mckinstry says:

Spirit on all people… in the last days..
I wonder and think how amazing these things can be. It would be nice to be more connected.. Love and light..

they live2 says:

Pleiadian, Michael Love says Spring Equinox will be the Grand Finale. If it is true, we have only 6 days left until March 21. Savor your moment on 3D Earth until then.

Nick Staben says:

Got Ghost? Speak, Sign, Whistle (snap, crackle and pop) in Tongues. Nothing says Rapture ready like speaking in Tongues. Thank you very much!

Sue Blaisdell says:

I'm finding that a lot of friends & family do not love themselves! It's shocking because you MUST love yourself before you can love others. I bless myself & the whole world everyday w/ Peace, Love & Understanding

Jennifer Henderson says:

Much love brother

Nathan says:

What you say is true, I am currently working with my girlfriends chakras and I can see the negativity, and the gossiping she has been doing recently just fade away and she starts to see the bigger picture going on.

Paul Wood says:

I hope no one is offended if I suggest that the heart centre is more powerful than the crown. The gold Pentecostal flame represents love descending to the heart centre. Love and Light to you all.

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