EVE Online: 5 Tips for New Players

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My 5 tips for Eve Online


TMEERS says:

Imagine trying to get your fortnite friends to play this with you

Marco Uotinen says:

10 years and solo, cus 1 hours play time, not any more, got bored

David Olsson says:

waste of time

63Limar says:

I know it's a weird guide to ask but what do you think about making a guide "how to introduce your friend to eve" without ruining all the fun of discovery?

Hyde Matsumoto says:

its has been 3 month i play this game and i must say i love it

even i am already lose 21 ship

bear suo says:

Thanks for this.

James Lindia says:

I'm looking for something new to play ( Played silkroad online years ) What is the object of this game EVE /

Prometheus says:

Without watching the video I'll give one vital tip for new players; uninstall and don't play eve if you value your happiness.

Crusader2132 says:

Disagree about joining player corporations, joining corporations is a great way to learn faster and usually you get a decent leg up as a result. Going it alone can be way too overwhelming for the average noobie.

Andreas Härtl says:

never trust any1 who isn't in your fleet , sometimes not even them 😉

R Rendy says:

True, start slow is the best way to learn the complexion of the game, there is so many things to do on eve. I'm new in eve, I've been play for 5day now, and still learning..

Adi Dumitru says:

in a few days i will also have time to try for my first time eve and that is how i found your channel — so i have a small question : where is the best place to start for a new player — to give some context i plan to do the tutorial , the agents missions and then try to join a corporation to learn about the difrent aspects and to see the game – a corporation like eve-university ( if you have a better sugestion i am open to it ) and just try to find an activity to like and develope

But mostly i would like to find a place to meet people because in the end the only thing that will keep me active in a game is the comunity and people with whom to share the game …

PS : Sorry if it was a long post or if i am asking to much 🙂

Chris Benn says:

I am thinking of trying EvE and that is how I fround your video!
So is there really new players in EvE?

dot dot says:

playing eve solo for the last 4 or 5 years and on and off for a few months. trouble is making contact with people from my side 🙂 Bit social contact problems also in real life so in games it same trouble. But still having fun and trying to make more isk and do some exciting things out of my comfort zone

proskateboy says:

Excellent video! I learned a few things myself, very informative 😀

Nikos Kabasis says:

Welcome back to Eve. BTW your pilot have the name of my daughter 🙂

rolf ski says:

Tip 4b could be: Also don't use ISK for PLEX in the beginning. It will make the game way too grindy for new players and they will find themselves having considerably less fun with EVE as a result.

CJPowell1337 says:

Glad to see you posting again. Love your videos m8!

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