Eve Online – Alpha to Omega – Beginnings Ep 1

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Eve Online – Alpha to Omega – Beginnings Ep 1

This is the first episode in my new series where we take an alpha clone in eve online and entirely through self earned isk hit Omega status. This is a 0 to 1 billion challenge.

This series will either be daily or MWF depending on my new work schedule. I’ll let you guys know.

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snoopy jdog says:

so a pro tip as long as the skill thats over 1day you can put other skills infront.

Steuern Gaming says:

Woah, a brand new guide! I might make a new account to sub under you when I figure out which faction to be.

lAmCanad1an says:

I haven't played this since the first year it came out, I want to join back up now that I'm one school and can put more time in it but damn it's scary different. Afraid I'd get wrecked and frustrated.

Tullerion says:

DANGIT PYRO! I haven't played this game in 5 years and now I have the biggest urge to play! I guess I have no choice now.. <downloads client>

Adam Lefloic says:

Started Eve a week or two ago and planning to slowly/casually playing alpha and hopefully getting a plex somewhere down the road. Looked at a bunch of videos and I'd say this one clicked with me so I' hoping on board!

thank you!

BenJ747 says:

Mining guild you say?

Jack Shadow says:

You are hilarious mate keep up the great videos!

Keith Saunders says:

woot woot all aboot dem nereus!

FraznoFire says:

Wait. You played online multiplayer games since 97 but the internet came out in 99

Neko Motoroshi says:

been playing eve solid for 3 and a half years now after playing on trials for a long time. i love the game but cant remember anything about being a new(newer) player. so this will be really refreshing for me, plus it will help me train my new pilots that i take into my corp 🙂 so thank you for this video series TDK.

Kaizer Kempfer says:

logistic are space priest 😀

Kaethena says:

I've tried to play Eve a couple of times now but for whatever reason I just can't get into it. I think it's the style of game itself. I prefer something like Elite Dangerous where you're actually in the action rather than removed from it. But there's always been something about Eve that's seemed very appealing.

One thing I will say, I dislike games that do the whole veneer of being free to play. Basically a trial account by a different name. I know why they do it, but I think the more successful games that go down the free to play route are those that reward people for paying, rather than punishing people for not paying. To me it's like "put up or shut up". Either keep it sub based with all the freedoms that affords, and let everyone know that's what it is, or go free to play and offer rewards for people who give you money but don't penalize people who don't. The route Eve has gone down, and games like SWTOR, seem a bit shady, like they're trying to sucker people into the game by making them think they're getting something they aren't, because they know that keeping it purely a sub based experience will not attract as many people as they need or want.

I would rather it be pay to play if anything, and charge people a one off payment for the game. Give them all the freedoms that way.

Joseph Bentley says:

don't know if it is just me but the start has know game sound.

Raven Green says:

This game seems insane

Toney Sebits says:

Loved this video. Very helpful and informative. Would like to see more. Thinking about playing.

Kanakadea says:

EVE Online…
I played this game hard for about 6 months in 2014, after I quit WoW. I listened to over 200 hours of lectures from EVE university (still have 40 pages ofmy notes) went out on a few lowsec roams, tried mybest to get good at wormholes, and ultimately ragequit. This game is 100% PVP. There is no real safety in this game. it got my heart racing more than any other game. but i couldn't take the constant fear of getting ganked.

coredale2158 says:

i downloaded it and hope to see ya out there daddy pyro

Earth alchemist says:

Character creation what I do full armor boom done adjust the armor color black gray or dash of red then done

A person says:

i love eve online happy to see you playing it again!

Tank 1900 says:

Man Pyro I haven't watched you in a long time but I'm stoked for this. Last time I saw some Eve was Arumba, and his (perhaps more apt) title was either Microsoft Office Entertainment or Spreadsheets in Space.

Captain Yeppers says:

Hooooly craaaap this is cool

toomanysharks says:

was there more from this series? do somethin!

Alex McGuane says:

I'm interested in this series for a couple of reasons. 1) I love space games and always thought Eve sounded cool but didn't have the time/willingness to connect with other players to get very far. 2) This is the perfect type of Pyro video for me to just have on in the background while doing other things. 3) Pyro blowing up and getting blown up a few times because either vindictive fan or, you know, those dark corps that just find enjoyment in blowing people up…. Always ready for that kind of salt!

Stephen Ferguson says:

Once you get up and running you could fly down to the system "Sheroo" I have a mining corp down their and we offer free buffs and what not out of our orcas while we mine. Our home base is the Sisters of EVE HQ in system (Good for jump clones).

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