Eve Online Beginners Guide (2017)

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New improved beginners guide to Eve Online for new players. This video will hopefully help you through your first few days of the game!

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Find answers to questions here at the Eve University Wiki.

Check out the the new player subreddit here! https://www.reddit.com/r/evenewbies/

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Michael Sweeney says:

For Alpha clones, the race they pick is the race they fly, they are restricted to that race (plus stuff like Gnosis). Kinda important.

ricksher1320 says:

Seriously thinking about starting up again and upgrading to an Omega account, are you still accepting new players?

VorpalBob says:

Upgraded to Omega with your referral link, sent you an evemail 🙂

Twilii says:

Rule one of being a new player, meet people. Join a corp, its the fastest way to learn and get immersed.

Sydell says:

I am looking to switch from WoW to Eve primary for a more social, communal feel. WoW isn't the social game that it once was and I am looking for a game where I can meet people and friends. Do you recommend Eve?

Fiero Taz says:

what was the name of the chat channel you said was good for noobs that has the layout links..can't make it out in the video..

Björn Hellman says:

Hi, im thinking of getting back in to the game, and im wondering, is that link u have there like it used to be, i sign up and get a subscription with it, and u get a plex and sell it and give me some of the cash for it?

B3ast0fmid3ast says:

I'm alpha myself, went through the military and advanced military under Gallente. Got the Catalyst Destroyer but was wondering how to acquire better ships…

cobrazax says:

i started playing and finished the military agent missions…now i got about 2.5M ISK and a decent frigate i guess (the one the agent gave me at mission 2 or 3). the near the end mission ship reward seems to be worse at least in the number of turrets i can put on it do i didnt use it yet.
i wonder what to do next.

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